A New Challenge to the Coal Mine Plan

New Challenge to Stop the Coal Mine which would be Below Sellafield’s Radioactive Wastes on the Irish Sea Bed

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Dear Friends

A New Challenge to the Coal Mine Plan

We urgently need to raise funds to challenge the new (amended) plan to open the first deep coal mine in the UK in over 30 years.

Previoushuge generosity of supportershas already delayed the plan. The developers West Cumbria Mining’s initial plan was tostart construction in 2017. !!

A legal challenge was put forward in my name under the bannerKeep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole(aRadiation Free Lakelandcampaign). The detailed work by top lawyers Leigh Day meant that thelegal challengeled to developers amending their application. InOctober of this yeardespite overwhelming evidence on the enormousclimateandnuclearimpacts the amended plan received planning permission from (a no longer unanimous) Cumbria County Council.

Climate Impacts

Now we need funds to continue the fight and STOP THIS COAL MINE. While the climate…

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