Cumbria’s Young Farmers Protest to Save Newton Rigg Agricultural College

In the papers today:

“Cumbria Young Farmers put pedal down in bid to save Newton Rigg College

From the Westmorland Gazette and other Local Press

“A tractor cavalcade rumbled along the Cumbrian roads at the weekend to deliver an important message to the public. Around 80 machines took part in the Cumbria Young Farmers event, with lead tractors hauling a trailer carrying the banner: ‘Protect our Farming Future, Save Newton Rigg College.’ The Penrith-based college is earmarked for closure next year.”

Good for the Young Farmers ! The lack of government action to ensure the future of the hugely important Newton Rigg Agricultural College is incredible. Even more incredible given the government (ie public money) £Millions earmarked for the dangerous and expensive plan to build a “Vertical Farm” on the Lillyhall Industrial Estate near to at least three nuclear licensed sites dealing with radioactive wastes. This insane Vertical Farm has been enthusiastically backed by local MP Mark Jenkinson – Why?????

Why isn’t government supporting local farmers?

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