Seismic Warnings – if not now when will the Govnt Scrap Hinkley C ?

Letter below sent to national and Bristol press following another seismic warning this week – unpublished as far as I know so…here it is.

Image from New Civil Engineer

Seismic Warnings – if not now when will the Government Scrap Hinkley C ?

This week there was yet another earthquake recorded in the Bristol area.  It was small but significant, contributing to the well documented seismic actiivity of the area.  If eyewatering costs, long delays, a mental and physical health crisis among the employees building Hinkley Point C are not enough to scrap this hubristic nuclear new build plan then the seismic warnings should be.  
This insane project next to operational reactors has seen the  geological stresses of the biggest pours of concrete in the UK alongside three huge tunnels  being bored below the seabed. German based multi-national company Herrenknecht built the hugely expensive tunnel boring machines which will be dumped under the Bristol Channel once done.  

A total of 38,000 concrete segments are needed to support the tunnels, which would transfer 120,000 litres of water per second for the new nuclear plant when finished.  

The Bristol area is seismically active so to put increased geological stress deliberately in the vicinity of existing nuclear reactors is the kind of hubris that disaster movies are made of.  Scrapping Hinkley C now and paying off the developers would be far cheaper and far safer than continuing down this  route to nuclear disaster.  

yours sincerely

Marianne Birkby
Radiation Free Lakeland

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