Public Comment Due on Proposed Uranium Mining

This is where the toxic mess of Sellafield starts. Uranium Mining with its pollution of water, land and radioactive legacy .

Black Hills Clean Water Alliance


NOTE: Updated with Items to Use for Comment

The Dewey-Burdock uranium mining project in the southwestern Black Hills is trying to take a step forward. We have only a few weeks to generate and write comments on the latest effort to destroy the water and land in that area. This is the area that is under lawsuit by the Oglala Sioux Tribe, which is challenging the inadequate effort to protect cultural resources on the proposed mine site.

See the BLM Press Release

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has issued a Plan of Operations (POO) for the BLM land that is involved in the proposed mining project. The POO, a place to comment, and the BLM’s press release can be found here —

Note that this project is being “fast tracked” under the new, weaker environmental laws.

Please comment now, if you can…

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