How much do you know about the connections between nuclear weapons and nuclear power?

Why is the UK government so addicted to nuclear?
Nuclear weapons and nuclear power share several common features. In fact, the UK’s first nuclear power stations were built primarily to provide fissile material for nuclear weapons during the Cold War.

The development of both the nuclear weapons and nuclear power industries is mutually beneficial. And now it appears that the government is using the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station to subsidise Trident, Britain’s nuclear weapons system.

As part of a Parliamentary investigation into the Hinkley project, it emerged that without the billions of pounds earmarked for building this new power station in Somerset, Trident would be ‘unsupportable’. Professor Andy Stirling and Dr Phil Johnstone argued that the nuclear power station will ‘maintain a large-scale national base of nuclear-specific skills’ essential for maintaining Britain’s military nuclear capability.

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3 thoughts on “How much do you know about the connections between nuclear weapons and nuclear power?

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  3. Not only was Calder Hall Magnox reactor at Sellafield primarily a plutonium factory for nuclear explosives for the military, but the first generation of so-called civil Magnox plants were also militarised. Hinkley A was adapted with its innovative on -line re-fuelling system( Calder Hall, a much simpler design, did not have this) to be optimised for plutonium not power production. Some of the plutonium was bartered with the US for Highly Enriched Uranium and probably Tritium – for submarine reactor propulsion use, in the former case, and in the H-bomb trigger in the latter .
    The plutonium sent to the the US, part of a 7,000 kilogramme export, was deployed by the US Atomic Energy Commission for unrestricted weapons use. The nuclear weapons and power industries were born as Siamese twins, and have never been parted☹️🤭😱

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