Update on Legal Case: Toxic, Toxic Culture at Sellafield

Support Alison McDermott on the 7th July….

Readers may remember Sellafield workers speaking out “about their experience of bullying and sexism at the Sellafield plant….after whistleblower Alison McDermott launched a crowdfunding page to pay for legal fees for her whistleblowing and victimisation case lodged to the Employment Tribunal against Sellafield Ltd.

Alison told the local News and Star that “her contract at the nuclear plant was abruptly terminated after she raised concerns about “deep-rooted toxic working culture with numerous reports of bullying, harassment and discrimination.”

Many supporters of Radiation Free Lakeland along with Nuclear workers past and present are supporting this brave and principled legal challenge. Sellafield and the NDA true to form are playing dirty.

There will be a hearing on 7th July which people can attend virtually to support this challenge to the TOXIC CULTURE at Sellafield. Email ManchesterET@Justice.gov.uk for the Attn of Mr John Dunphy to request to attend the Toxic Culture at Sellafield one day hearing.

This is a one day ‘strike out’ hearing to consider if the defences of Sellafield and the NDA should be struck out because of their vexatious and unreasonable behaviour throughout the litigation to date.

This is the latest update…

3 thoughts on “Update on Legal Case: Toxic, Toxic Culture at Sellafield

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  2. Report from the Whitehaven News .. https://www.whitehavennews.co.uk/news/18567286.judge-told-systematic-failings-sellafield-hr-department/

    “Despite just three per cent of the workforce being BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic), experiences they take to the table include walking away from the canteen because of jokes using the n-word and examples of Islamophobia,” said Mr Milsom. Some startling things not reported in the press – I joined the court hearing virtually on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland. It was clear Sellafield were desperately trying to divert attention away from the main issue of their bullying – diversionary tactics included claiming that the whistleblower is “looking for a windfall from Sellafield” – this is nasty. Also not included here in this press report is the fact that Sellafield tried their damnedest to have the CrowdJustice funding page taken down in an effort to stifle the case – and the resulting bad press.

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