Too Much Electricity! Time to Stop Inflexible and Dangerous New Nuclear – Why are More Being Built?

A supporter of Radiation Free Lakeland has pointed out that the news that there is too much electricity going into the grid: “shows the fallacy of “base load”. What it really means in inflexible. Yet again we are seeing the economics of nuclear fail, as it is very expensive so needs a guaranteed price per kwh. Surplus means low prices. If the grid frequency goes too high (due to low load) that is dangerous for equipment on the grid so protection will kick in. Generation will have to be shed to keep grid frequency in check.”

The reason that there are emergency measures needed to prevent blackouts is because there is Too Much Electricity!

As Bloomberg reports:

“U.K. Power Grid Takes Emergency Steps to Prevent Blackouts

By Rachel Morison7 May 2020, 12:30 BST

  •  EDF agrees to reduce power at 1,200MW Sizewell nuclear reactor
  •  Grid asks for powers to disconnect wind, solar if needed

National Grid Plc is taking unprecedented action to ensure it can keep the lights on this weekend, as the combination of record low demand during a public holiday weekend and high solar levels threaten blackouts.

The network operator struck a deal with Electricite de France SA to cut supply at its Sizewell nuclear plant by half for at least six weeks. National Grid will also offer small wind and solar generators money to switch off if needed and has made a request to the U.K. energy regulator for emergency powers to disconnect these installations if necessary.

The unusual measures are needed because demand for power is 20% lower than normal as measures to contain the coronavirus have shut industry and kept people at home for weeks.

Blackouts can happen when there’s too much demand or too little. National Grid has never had to cope with such low demand on the network and it’s happening at the same time as sunny weather is boosting solar supply.”

Read more on this crazy situation here. Meanwhile the UK continues to keep open its new nuclear construction site with thousands of workers in close proximity at Hinkley for insane new nuclear build – the biggest construction site in Europe has stayed open while small UK businesses go to the wall.

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