Planet of the Humans – Film Review

Review of Planet of the Humans

Michael Moore’s film produced in 2019 called the ‘Planet of the Humans’ comprehensively demonises all renewables, has recently been streamed online and now watched by millions.  

I agree with the underlying premise of the film that Big business on a Big multinational scale looks primarily at the bottom line and cuts through peoples legitimate opposition along with any concern about trashing the natural world.  

Pro nuclear facebook groups such as the neutral sounding “Renewable vs. Nuclear DEBATE” are loving it.  I’ve made a foray into this group occasionally and always it ends with ad hominen attacks of the ‘you are a girl of eight’  (and much, much worse)  variety.  It seems that the nuclear industry supporters’ only criticism to Moore’s film is that the word ‘nuclear’ is only mentioned in the documentary twice. Once in reference to “base load” and again to explain that sections of the nuclear industry are also into wind and solar. 

Others have gone into the reasons why Michael Moore’s film is wrong to universally trash renewables as Shannon Osaka says on Grist :

It’s not that renewables don’t have any negative impacts on the environment; they do. But using that as a reason to abandon green energy sort of throws the baby out with the bathwater.”

The nuclear industry is the biggest and nastiest multi national business in the world and it is lining up the ducks to ‘provide the solution’ demanded from climate campaigners.  By declining to offer any criticism or warning in the film about the ongoing damage from the ubiquitous nuclear civil – military- industrial complex, Moore has opened the door wide open to new nuclear.  Of course those that support the nuclear industry see their white knight riding to the rescue of the world’s climate crisis.   

The namesake of Moore’s film is the iconic 1970s ‘Planet of the Apes’ – there are two central and shocking images from the Planet of the Apes, the statue of Liberty on the ‘alien’ beach and the creepy priesthood worshipping the hair raising Nuclear Bomb.  There are two basic themes to Michael Moore’s film – Renewables are Bad, Humans are Too Many.   Why not go about ‘solving’ both ‘problems’ by trashing renewables and opening the door to ever more routine nuclear emissions and accidents and proliferation of nuclear weapons ? That is the horrifying overriding impression I get from Moore’s documentary.

I have got no doubt that the UK nuclear industry has been emboldened by this film. The UK’s gates of nuclear hell, the Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing plant “Springfields” near Preston in Lancashire has just renamed itself the “Clean Energy Technology Park.”

Pssst Want Clean Energy?

Look no further!

Now thats really taking the Michael.

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