Tim Farron MP: Essential Nuclear Construction of WMD? No it isn’t!

Reblogging this as Tim Farron MP has spoken to the Westmorland Gazette saying that we have “misconstrued” his comments regarding non-essential construction. Our comments that nuclear ‘defence’ in Barrow and nuclear construction at Hinkley should not be included as “essential” stand and we urge Tim Farron to rethink his position in supporting the continued construction (involving thousands of workers) at nuclear sites both military and civilian, This nuclear obsession is mad at any time but at a time while others lose their livelihoods with the stated aim of protecting the vulnerable from COVID19 is particularly galling.


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Dear Tim,

Thank you for your reply to our concerns. We urge you to drop the false and dangerous label of “essential construction” for Trident and Hinkley Point C.

We agree with your call for non essential work to cease to halt the spread of COVID19. This is however meaningless if the Government’s own mega nuclear construction projects involving thousands of workers at each site continue while small business are forced to close putting many livelihoods in certain peril. Reducing the numbers on these sites is just disingenuous – there are still thousands of workers (why could not small businesses also operate under the same conditions?) These are MEGA construction projects.

To continue with work on the next generation of Trident at Barrow and Hinkley Point C in Somerset is unconscionable. Both of these nuclear construction sites are inherently dangerous even without the inevitable risk of spreading the COVID19 virus…

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2 thoughts on “Tim Farron MP: Essential Nuclear Construction of WMD? No it isn’t!

  1. Stuart Hunter

    The spelling is as accurate as the premise. Hinckley Point? There is no such place with a nuclear construction project ongoing. The is of course a place of that name (Hinckley) but spelling is different. Hopefully your research has more rigour than your editorial

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