No Lockdown for Nuclear Construction Projects – Trident, Sellafield, Hinkley C

While the country is locked down to protect us from Covid19, the government’s nuclear projects continue. These include construction of nuclear submarines, construction on the Sellafield site (new gas plant and more) and the continued construction of Hinkley C. If Moorside had not been scrapped there would be an influx of thousands of workers ensconced in West Cumbria as they are at Hinkley C in Somerset.

There is a petition asking the government to order BAE Systems in Barrow to stop work on the Astute submarines 4 and 5. Almost 2000 people are still onsite at the Barrow Dock Trident shipyard. This makes no sense.

Sellafield is it seems continuing with its construction projects. We have been campaigning to stop the mats from these construction sites being sent out to Workington for cleaning. Following our complaint to the Environment Agency We have managed to stop these rubber mats being cleaned in the street – but they are still being sent out to be cleaned presumably to the same company which also runs a catering business. Madness!

To continue with construction on the Sellafield site during this ‘lockdown’ makes no sense.

Hinkley C construction still continues despite the obvious close proximity of the workforce – it should be scrapped altogether but continuing with this construction when the public and small businesses are ‘locked down’ because of Covid19 makes no sense. EDF say they have halved the workforce to 2000 “The French utility has also decided to shut its Bristol head office, put people on a work from home scheme and carry out temperature checks as a further preventive measures while keeping nuclear capability intact. The project will preserve the UK’s specialist nuclear supply chain and its skilled workers by focusing on critical work on nuclear parts of the project. Keeping this capability intact is essential for a project of critical national importance and an industry which plays a key role in helping the UK reach net zero.”

There you have it – Nuclear is “essential” – for what though? Trident? Certainly not to protect the public. Nuclear makes the planet burn faster and hotter.

5 thoughts on “No Lockdown for Nuclear Construction Projects – Trident, Sellafield, Hinkley C

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