In other News in the North West…Dodgy Old Nuclear Reactors and Rebranding Nukiller as “Clean”

Heysham 2 and Morecambe Bay

 Heysham 1 (beige colour ) is the nuclear reactor running on 7 out of 8 boilers as one has cracked supports.  and Heysham 2 (white top)

Photos and description by David Autumns. “Heysham 1 is the beige building, the sister station to Hartlepool. This is the reactor that has the cracked boilers – that are in the core of the reactor. Heysham 2 is the sister station to Torness and is the one that will have broken cores by 2022. This is the building with the white top. Whereas Torness is painted sky blue to “disappear” into the sky at Dunbar, Heysham 2 is painted in funky lego style colours I am guessing to make a radiation factory appear so much more “Friendly” 

CRACKED!! BUT OH SO “CLEAN” as we are now told by Westinghouse who manufacture all the uranium fuel rods (and other nefarious stuff) for the UK (and much of the world)

When the graphite core is irradiated in a (AGR) nuclear reactor the graphite becomes stressed. This results in cracks, hundreds of them. Movement of the uranium fuel rods in and out of the reactor through keyways “cannot be guaranteed”. The predicted timescales for onset of the actual keyway root cracking (KWRC) has changed from 2028 to mid-2022. Currently there is not a safety case for operation of Heysham 2 and Torness after the onset of KWRC .

The late John Large, who helped design AGRs, said in 2016 that he believed if the cracks get any worse it could jeopardise the reactor’s stability in the event of a big disaster – such as an earthquake – and make it impossible to lower control rods to shut the reactor down.

“These keyways are beginning to fracture… that means the locking together – the way that force can be transferred from one brick to another – is lost, so it becomes a very loose stack of bricks.”

These are the newest AGR’s. Both started construction in 1980, 40 years ago and were connected to the Grid in 1988. Torness is 33 miles from Edinburgh. Heysham 2 overlooks the Lake District across Morecambe Bay. It sits alongside Hartlepool’s Sister Station Heysham 1 (The ones with the broken boilers)

Meanwhile the nuclear industry has rebranded to align itself with the calls for “Clean Energy” by Extinction Rebellion and other NGOs.

The Lancashire Evening Post breathlessly tells us the ‘good news’ :

“Lancashire nuclear fuel factory set to become ‘Clean Energy Park.”


One thought on “In other News in the North West…Dodgy Old Nuclear Reactors and Rebranding Nukiller as “Clean”

  1. David Autumns

    No no no no no, Nuclear Power is not Clean. If it is so clean that will be why you can’t live within 30 miles of Chernobyl or why thousands of Japanese can’t live in their home Town. If it is so clean why the clusters of Leukaemia cases around each Nuclear Power Station, they have to release radiactive gases to the environment all the time they are running. Why is it going to cost 120 Billion Pounds, and climbing, to clean up the mess of the UK’s existing power stations if they are so clean. Why is the “Clean” nuclear power’s waste is sitting on a Cumbrian Beach at Drigg and why is Sellafield the most dangerously polluted place in the UK where all “clean” spent nuclear fuel goes to live for 100,000’s years. Clean Nuclear !!!!

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