50 Years of “Enriching the Future”

The Urenco Uranium Enrichment plant in leafy rural Cheshire has a rather Orwellian tagline “Enriching the Future”.

For fifty years this plant has been enriching uranium for the civil/military nuclear industry, causing a snowball of Nukiller blight.

At the invitation of campaign group Close Capenhurst, representatives of groups including Japanese Against Nuclear, Radiation Free Lakeland and South Lakeland CND gathered to mark the anniversary.

Most shocking was the contrast between musicians carrying their violins and instruments, reminiscent of the Titanic, into Capenhurst for their staff 50 year celebration – and the four lorries outside with nukiller crapola in them (or they may have been empty) but with a radiation reading of 0.88. For context, a mammogram is 0.40. So these lorries go through small rural roads passing just inches from walkers, schoolchildren etc emitting radioactive crapola as they go and no one bats an eyelid, largely because no one knows. 10 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer EVERY DAY in the UK – the nuclear industry wants people to look the other way. Research into cancer looks the other way. Anywhere but at the cause.…. NUKILLER

Kaori from Japanese Against Nukes UK has posted an excellent video diary of the event on twitter

3 thoughts on “50 Years of “Enriching the Future”

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