Nuclear Monsters in Wales

The nuclear industry are monsters. We have known this for some time. It is an industry born in lies and deception. It is an industry that operates on an inhumane level. Individual folk working for the industry are just like you and me ..those that get in the way of expansion of the industry (including you and me) are collatoral damage .

People across the world are being forced off the land by the nuclear industry ‘s ambitions and by its accidents and routine emissions. This is a video from an award winning beekeeper in Wales where Horizon plan new nuclear reactors with our governments blessing (and the blessing of all those who remain silent or even worse, supportive of this vicious industry)

4 thoughts on “Nuclear Monsters in Wales

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    1. Thank You for resisting the monster Xxx We need to stop the Wylfa juggernaught in its tracks…it is totally inhumane and a disaster for life on planet earth. Fuel for Wylfa would be made at Springfields near Preston…high burn fuel and hot nuclear waste…nasty. Needs stopping xx

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