Enriching Uranium – 50 year Nukiller Anniversary at Capenhurst in Cheshire

Close Capenhurst


Please Join Groups who are opposing the beginning of the Nukiller Fuel Cycle – Enriched Uranium is the start of the military/civil nuclear industrial complex . This is why the Doomsday Clock was conceived – because of the nuclear industry. It is the one industry that can make the planet uninhabitable for all life on planet earth and is on its way to doing that right now. Unless we stop it.

“Under the right circumstances, an amount of highly enriched uranium about the size of your morning latte would be enough to kill 100,000 people instantly. Hundreds of thousands of others would become horribly ill, and parts of the city would be uninhabitable for years, if not for decades.” Erika Gregory

Please if you love life on planet earth and do not want to see a tsunami of ever more new and hotter nuclear wastes, and ever more nuclear weapons, please join us outside the Urenco plant at Capenhurst (it is near Capenhurst Train Station) from 2.pm where the following declaration will be read out….

Nothing to Celebrate!

It is now 50 years since the Treaty of Almalo was signed.

That’s 50 years since URENCO was founded.

That’s 50 years of URENCO enriching Uranium. That’s 50 years of URENCO taking park of the nukiller fuel cycle, which starts with uranium mining, and ends with the creation of vast amounts of radioactive waste.

That’s 50 years of playing a part in the production of extreme energy, causing radioactive pollution, and doing untold damage to the environment.

That is Nothing to celebrate.

We grieve for al those who have been, are currently, and will suffer as a result of the work of URENCO, and at the Capenhurst plant.

We call for the end of uranium mining, uranium enrichment, and the immediate closure of all nukiller powet plants.

We call for URENCO to play a part in cleaning up the radioactive mess which it has caused.

We call for the creation of world in future generations no longer have to suffer the ill effects extreme energy such as nukiller power. Future celebrations.

We will Celebrate when the Capenhurst URENCO plant is Closed Down. We will celebrate the 50th anniversary of that closure.

We will celebrate the closure of all nukiller power plant. In the meanwhile we will continue campaigning for the creation of a world without any form of radioactive energy production.

Signatories to date (please contact Close Capenhurst Campaign to add your or your groups signature)

Chester CND

Close Capenhurst Campaign

CND Cymru

Greenpeace [ London ]

Japanese Against Nuclear [ JAN ]

Kick Nuclear

Nuclear Trains Action Group

Radiation Free Lakeland

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