TALK TODAY! in Edinburgh: Aging & Dangerous Nuclear Power – Hunterston UpDate – Ian Fairlie + Q&A

Eventbrite Ian Fairlie

If you are in or around Edinburgh today there is a talk by Dr Ian Fairlie that is important to all of us who live downwind of EDF’s nuclear reactors with their cracked graphite cores.

scientist Ian Fairlie updates and takes questions about new information on the extent of deterioration in Hunterson nuclear reactor

About this Event

New Office of Nuclear Regulation evidence on the poor state of the reactors at Hunterston B which is owned and run by EDF (Électricité de France) was first revealed in newspaper articles in the Ferret on October 17 (see

Dr Ian Fairlie will speak about the implications of this and answer questions. He is an advocate of the immediate distribution of prophylactic iodate tablets by EDF and the publication of 30 km evacuation zones near Hunterston and Torness.


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