Double Whammy – Next Steps

Next Steps to #KeepCumbrianCoalintheHole

Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole

Demo in Whitehaven following the Council's Decision

Dear Friends,

We are just getting over the double whammy of Cumbria County Council ratifying their decision and the announcement by the Secretary of State that he will not call in this outrageous decision for a public inquiry.

This leaves us with the option of a legal challenge to Cumbria County Council’s decision.

We will update you with details of this as soon as possible but in the meantime here is the most recent letter sent to Cumbria County Council from Leigh Day on our behalf.

Many thanks to Leigh Day for all their amazing work on this so far – without it the coal mine would have got an even easier ride to this point.   We WILL stop this coal mine!

Date: 29 October 2019


FAO: Mr Paul Haggin

Manager Development Management
Cumbria County Council

Re: Whitehaven Coal Mine (app. ref. 4/17/9007)

  1. We write again on behalf…

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