Nuclear Policy is a Vote Loser

Ian Fairlie's letter to the Morning Star


Excellent Letter in the Morning Star from Dr Ian Fairlie

“Nuclear Policy is a vote loser

I write to support Adrienne Butler (M Star October 20 “Most voters influenced by climate in the next election.”

Labour would have a very good set of energy policies but for its continued support for new nuclear power.  This is a real turn off for most young people and may cost Labour votes in this tight election.

Who benefits from this pro-nuclear stance?  It seems a few trade unions.  Who loses out?

The many in fuel poverty as electricity from nuclear would be two to three times more expensive than from the renewables.  How does this policy square with “for the many not the few.” ?

Let’s hope Labour avoids any mention of nuclear inits manifesto for this election .”

Ian Fairlie





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