Atomic Kittens?


I don’t know what to think about this.  I love cats and have myself seen cats going in and out of the Sellafield site.  A friend who worked at Sellafield some years ago said when the cats got too many they were culled ….but then there was a problem with rats and mice.

Surely Sellafield can have cats on site that are neutered and fed by the Sellafield workers without it getting to this level?

“Workers have fed hundreds of feral cats over the years.”

Animal charities are bearing the brunt of the nuclear industry’s negligence  with an influx of Sellafield cats being sent to animal charities for rehoming after making sure they are “safe”.  Goodness knows what happens to the “active” cats.

When a family of deer were trapped in the outer perimeter fence of Sellafield five years ago the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority would not release the deer to the wild despite protests.  The deer were shot and tested as “bioindicators”


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