More Uranium Hex Arrives at Springfields on the 62nd Anniversary of the Windscale Fire – STOP NEW NUCLEAR

On Thursday we remembered the 62nd Anniversary of the Windscale Fire – which was fuelled by the Springfields Nuclear Fuel plant just over 5 miles from the Cuadrilla frack site.   While we were there,  locals told us about the earthquakes that were felt at the Springfields site as a result of fracking nearby.  This inherently dangerous place is the birthing site of nuclear fuel, it is  the shining jewel in the nuclear industry’s crown and is supposedly “earthquake proofed”  ( but there are two dodgy nuclear dumps – one on site and one at Clifton Marsh near the River Ribble as well as earthquake vulnerable looking pipeworks onsite and masses of containers of Uranium hexafluoride).

This is a very amateur film that we made of our statement being read out….

62nd Anniversary of the worst nuclear accident on UK soil.

The Windscale Fire in Cumbria was fuelled by Springfields Nuclear Fuels near Preston.

We saw new uranium hex being unloaded for new nuclear fuel on the anniversary of the Windscale Fire 10.10.19. Here is the text of the statement read out in front of the Gates that have fuelled Nuclear accidents, incidents, routine emissions, and the cancer (and other radiation linked diseases) epidemic for decades.

A Public Statement Read by Martyn Lowe of Close Capenhurst – outside the Gates of the Springfield Plant on the 62nd anniversary of the Windscale Fire. October 10th 2019.

We are gathered here today to lament the Windscale fire which occurred exactly 62 years ago, The fire was one of the greatest nukiller disasters on British soil. We remember that the uranium fuel rods which burnt in the fire were manufactured within the Springfield plant.

We remember how the use of Uranium at Windscale and its highly radioactive waste products will continue to be highly dangerous to all life for many centuries to come. We remember all those people who have suffered ill health as the result of Uranium mining, and its use over the years.

We remember all those are suffering now and in to the future, as the result of the activities which go on in the Springfield plant. We demand the immediate halt to the production of Uranium fuel and closure of all atomic power plants.

Signed by Close Capenhurst Campaign.

Kick Nuclear.

People Against Wylfa B .

South West Against Nuclear.

Nuclear Trains Action Group

& Radiation Free Lakeland.

On behalf of all Humanity



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