A THOUSAND PEOPLE RALLY TO OPPOSE NUCLEAR LAUNDRY – in France!! Meanwhile here in Cumbria …..

Join us on Oct 1st (this Tuesday) at The Wave, Maryport from 11.30 to Oppose the Nuclear Laundry at Lillyhall .
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IS 1ST OCT at The Wave, Maryport – 1pm

We will hold a demonstration ahead of the meeting which takes place at THE WAVE, MARYPORT.  The meeting starts at 1pm – we shall be there for around 11.30 am to demonstrate outside the meeting – we hope that people will join the demo and come to show their opposition to a Nuclear Laundry servicing the whole of the nuclear industry ( not ‘just’ Sellafield) operating on the Lillyhall site.

We have been waiting for this date for months and now incredibly the council have given people less than a week to apply to speak in opposition.  The nuclear laundry has operated for almost a year…illegally.  If the Energy Coast Nuclear Laundry flaunt normal rules of planning….what else are they flaunting and why is Sellafield washing its dirty clothes on the Lillyhall Industrial Estate using the public water supply to dilute and disperse radioactive crapola into the public drains?

Allerdale Borough Council have the opportunity to show they have backbone and are willing to protect the public and enforce planning regulations even if it means ‘upsetting the nuclear industry’ and their agenda to disperse operations out of the Sellafield site.

The following points should more than enough to ‘allow’ Allerdale Borough Council to refuse Retrospective Planning Permission.

  1. The Energy Coast Laundry has evidently been operating in breach of planning and radioactive waste discharge legislation. Why are these operators allowed to continue when they have already shown contempt for the regulatory framework?
  1. This attempt to rectify matters is cursory and the appropriate consultees have not been notified about the consultation on it. Local people, agencies and institutions should have the right to examine these retrospective proposals and comment.
  1. The retrospective proposal contravenes the Minerals & Waste Local Plan Policy DC1 Traffic & Transport which requires proposals for minerals and waste developments to ‘minimise operational minerals & waste road miles where practicable’ and for proposals to have made assessments beforehand. Other options need to have been explored before proposing additional road miles.Why are these operations being carried out 16 miles away from Sellafield? Why can they not be done on-site?
  1. The range of radionuclides expected to be discharged from this facility is a complex mix including alpha-emitters, detectable only at very close quarters. We need to know what sampling and monitoring arrangements are in place both at Sellafield and on-site and how these will ensure any items with concentrations of radionuclides, including alpha particles, are picked up and removed from the process before they are discharged. The estimated doses provided by the Environment Agency do not cover such occasional – and dangerous – concentrations since they are averaged.
  1. The need for sustainable drainage systems is identified in S29 of the Allerdale Local Plan. The release of radioactive material through the sewage system, with the potential for both build-up and dispersion, cannot be regarded as sustainable.
  1. MLWP Policy DC6 deals with cumulative environmental impacts of minerals & waste developments, and requires that ‘cumulative impacts of minerals and waste development proposals will be assessed in the light of other land uses in the area’. What assessment has taken place in relation to the cumulative impact on the food outlets, play facilities and workspaces near the Laundry?

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One thought on “A THOUSAND PEOPLE RALLY TO OPPOSE NUCLEAR LAUNDRY – in France!! Meanwhile here in Cumbria …..

  1. Newwebmail@talktalk.net

    Hi Marianne, Good for you, I won’t be able to join you as I’m still on the continent but will no doubt join you on another occasion. Good luck, Leigh

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