Scotland’s Cracked Reactor Given Permission to Reopen – for 4 months…WHY?

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Russian roulette.  No Winners at Hunterston.
Hunterston B by David Autumns
Hunterston B – Scotland

Radiation Free Lakeland have been vehemently opposing the restarting of Hunterston’s cracked reactors.  News that EDF has been given permission to restart one of the dodgy reactors for four months has been met with astonishment and anger.

David Autumns a member of RaFL who has been in heated correspondence with the Office for Nuclear Regulation and EDF over the restart of these dodgy reactors had this to say to the announcement:

“All of my fears about the Reactors are acknowledged and promptly ignored. 

I’ll admit it I live in my Motorhome – it’s a very nice one (Kontiki 665p) I have lived in it since the end of January when my Landlord sold the House I was renting. I am not suffering and really love my new lifestyle. Why do I tell you all this?

I am planning 2 trips over the next couple of weeks of over 2000 miles in total. As a result, I bought 2 new back tyres for my Van. Have my tyres got punctures? No . Are my Tyres at or below the legal limit? No. Why change them for new ones? Because beyond about 5 years the rubber begins to perish and the sidewalls of my tyres were beginning to show signs of cracking. Now my tyres are made up of a number of plys with just the outside shell visible.. What has this got to do with Hunterston B? Well, I could have driven my van with those legally treaded tyres over those 2000 miles and arrived home safely – that’s one potential outcome. Or… I could due to the aging of the tyres have had a blowout at speed swerve across a carriageway and wiped out an innocent family coming the other way.
I chose to get rid of my tired old tyres…”
The regulator, the Office for Nuclear Regulation’s abdication of all responsibility for the public’s safety is breathtaking.  The already dangerous “safety margins” keep being moved – and not incrementally but in a BIG way.  The game of  Russian roulette with ever increasing cracks in the graphite core of a nuclear reactor has no winners.

The Ferret reports that:

“One of the two cracked reactors at Hunterston B nuclear power station in North Ayrshire has been given permission to reopen – but only for four months.

The UK Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) is allowing EDF Energy to restart reactor four, which has an estimated 209 cracks in its graphite core. It was shut down on 2 October 2018.

ONR has accepted EDF’s argument that it’s safe to relax the limit for the permitted number of cracks. The “operational allowance” for cracks per reactor is being doubled from 350 to 700.

But ONR stressed that after four months EDF would again have to prove that it was safe to carry on running the reactor. “The longer term condition of the reactor remains uncertain,” ONR said.

Reactor three at Hunterston, which has an estimated 377 cracks in its graphite core, remains closed. It has been shut down since 9 March 2018, and ONR said the safety case for reopening it will be assessed “in due course”.

Campaigners have previously argued that the reactors should remain closed to prevent the risk of a “catastrophic” nuclear accident spreading radioactivity over Glasgow and Edinburgh. They expressed disappointment that reactor four was being allowed to restart.”

Read the full Ferret Report here


5 thoughts on “Scotland’s Cracked Reactor Given Permission to Reopen – for 4 months…WHY?

  1. w Hammett

    In a country that produces double its electricity needs from renewables, wind etc. what is the position of the Scottish Government on this atrocity and endangerment to the land and population of Scotland. If we can find a way to stop the building of new reactors it should not be beyond the bounds of reason that they can stop this re-opening from happening after all the only proof that EDF have got their sums wrong will be the destruction of Scotland and the death of the nation.

  2. Stuart Hunter

    My car has a paint chip on it. I restarted it and drove away!!!! I also ran my car 100 miles past its last planned oil change date and I didn’t worry too much about it. WHY? Its all about managing the risks and weighing these against the benefits. There’s a lot of probabilities and failure rates plugged into some very impressive analysis to show that the level of risk is acceptable for Reactor 4 to restart for a short period. There is also a good reason that its a short period and that should reassure you that its not a rush to restart. Its a very cautious approach to justifying safety. If you don’t trust these methods of determining what is safe then you should stop buying food out of supermarkets, you’d stop driving cars or using public transport of any kind, you wouldn’t fly in planes or drink wine. And you wouldn’t live in a house. In fact without these proven methods modern society would not exist. Go on the Power Station tour and ask questions to learn more.

    1. Stuart Hunter

      That’s a pretty shallow response to a serious observation. If you check the grammar and construct of my note you’ll see that I didn’t compare paint chips to reactor cracks. I gave it as an easy example that illustrates risk v benefits gained without having to describe the obvious risk and obvious benefit. Only you have made that link in your mind to the cracks when there was none. I now wonder what links like this have been made in your mind when fearing disaster from dodgy reactors!! What informed basis do you have on whether you should….or should not worry about this? I think that is really what I was saying in my last comment. But on reflection of your ridicule laden response, if that is your approach to understanding the situation….or other people’s view on it for that matter……then Homer has in fact moved camps ! Fitting really as Homer was in fact created as a parody of the irrational fears that accompany nuclear power. In anticipation of your next campaign….Should we remove all the medical radioactive isotopes from hospitals and count the consequent deaths from poor diagnosis? Those specific isotopes are produced in nuclear reactors. Or did you not know that’s one of the benefits you can get?

  3. Stuart Hunter

    Have you censored my response to your “Homer”comment by not publishing it?? What happened to fair debate on important subjects?

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