x4 Lorry Movements every day 365 days a year
Four Lorry Movements every day – carrying nuclear laundry to and from Sellafield – if this illegal nuclear laundry is given retrospective planning then nuclear laundry will be arriving at Lillyhall, Workington from ANY nuclear facility in the UK (and maybe beyond)

The following excellent letter from a local resident is published here with their kind permission…

Please use this letter below as inspiration for your own letters of objection – the short window of opportunity given for people to oppose this illegal nuclear laundry which has been operating at Lillyhall, Workington since November, ends tomorrow (Friday 16th August).  Although we can continue to write and oppose until the Development Panel (not the whole council!!! ) take their executive decision on whether or not to give this illegal laundry retrospective planning.  That decision may be taken in September meanwhile the nuclear laundry continues to operate!!

Email:    planning@allerdale.gov.uk

Retrospective Planning Application : FUL/2019/0187

Dear Ms Fitzgerald,

I am writing to you as an Allerdale Borough Council taxpayer and as a concerned resident of Bridgefoot. My place of work is on the Lillyhall Industrial Estate.

I object in the strongest possible terms to the nuclear laundry, referred to somewhat euphemistically as the ‘Energy Coast Laundry’, being given a ‘wave through’ in its retrospective planning application. The objections below are not an exhaustive list and are not in any particular order of importance.

1. The nuclear industry tells anyone prepared to listen how strictly it is regulated. I would suggest that Sellafield needs to be reminded that it is supposed to be strictly regulated for a very good reason. It is dealing with materials which are extremely dangerous.

2. There is a rapidly growing realisation that our planet’s resources have been used in a profligate manner. There is no justification for trucking lorry loads of laundry about the West Coast of Cumbria when there are laundry facilities at Sellafield. This alone should mean that this facility is unsuitable in this location.

3. Sellafield has its own water supply. This means that its water usage can be monitored and is secure. This laundry will be using 50 cubic metres of water each day. 50 cubic metres = 50 000 litres of water. This is 18 250 cubic metres or 18 250 000 litres annually. This is coming from the public water supply and equates to approximately 250 persons’ water for a year. 

I would like this matter to be discussed at County Council level. I have heard that no-one speaks out against Sellafield because they have so much power locally and are such a major employer. This cannot be allowed to mean that they do as they like,

Kind regards,

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