The ‘N3’ Clause. NO NEW NUCLEAR in CLIMATE EMERGENCY PLANS….Leafletting Outside the XR Leader’s Talk in Kendal

This evening a few Radiation Free Lakelanders leafletted outside The Shakespeare Centre in Kendal before The Time Is Now Tour by Gail Bradbook – co, founder of Extinction Rebellion.

Radiation Free Lakeland are increasingly horrified at the pronuclear greenwashing by the industry and the by the bottomless pit of public money our government is promising to facilitate new nuclear.  The lack of opposition to nuclear by major NGOs  including XR means that the door is gaping wide open for the nuclear industry and its luvvies to push through with their diabolic plans for several new nuclear builds in the UK.

This is madness – the nuclear industry  has been squashing renewables and a properly sustainable future for decades (its all about the bomb!) and now,  that same evil, yes EVIL industry is poised to exploit the good intentions behind the push for Climate Emergency declarations.

It is an incredible coincidence that the first Climate Emergency declaration was made by Bristol City Council – the city nearest to the obscenity of the new nuclear build at Hinkley Point C  (largest pour of concrete in the UK ever has just taken place for the Hinkley Nukiller foundations).

Leaflet - the N Clause


Radiation Free Lakeland will  in the coming months be asking councils in the North West to include the ‘N3’ clause in Climate Emergency Plans.  Nuclear should be ruled out. The Time Is Beyond Now!  Failing to do this and going ahead with Climate Emergency Plans that leave the door gaping wide open to the most dangerous, most polluting and most damaging industry on this planet is a betrayal of the young people who are being urged to Demand a Climate Emergency.  We hope against hope that the ‘N3’ clause will be taken up and pushed for by all  groups and by all individuals who value the future viability of this planet and who value the diversity of  life, including  future generations,  in our care right now.

There is an excellent report here by the Edinburgh Energy and Environment Consultancy which can be given to your councillors as a starting point for your campaign.  If you would like a pdf copy please contact us.



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