The Most Important Letter – Shut Hunterston B NOW!

This weekend a letter was delivered by hand to EDF who run Hunterston B in Scotland which is fuelled (as are all the UKs nuclear reactors) by Springfields Nuclear Fuels just off Preston New Road, Lancashire

Reactor three at Hunterston (the subject of a series of revelations by The Ferret since 2017 )  is the oldest of its kind in the UK. It was was shut down on 9 March 2018 and EDF currently plans to restart it on 1 October 2019.  Radiation Free Lakeland have been campaigning for Hunterston B to be shut down completely  – instead of relaxing the safety regime and allowing up to 700 cracks in the increasingly brittle graphite core – which is what EDF want to do and what they are asking the regulators – the Office for Nuclear Regulation to allow.

This is maybe the most important letter for the safety of Scotland and its neighbours, including Cumbria …Shut Hunterston B Now!

Many Thanks to David, a member of Radiation Free Lakeland for his ongoing vigilance in scrutinising the EDF and ONR reports and for delivering this letter by hand to EDF in Ayrshire, Scotland.

Letter to EDF #ShutHunterston.jpgLetter to EDF #ShutHuntersonB.jpg

“Dear Sir,

I write to ask you that for the safety of everyone is Scotland, Northen England and beyond that your Nuclear Reactors here in Hunterston are not restarted.

They were due to be closed down in 2011, its now 2019 and they are not fine wines.

43 years have passed since Electricity Generation began and the Graphite Moderator Cores of both Reactors are cracked, shrunk  and distorted such that your control rods need to have joints in them to snake down the holes in the core.  Could lumps of graphite crack off and block the passage of the control rods?  In the last 6 months the cooling gas circulators have failed twice.

That the people of Largs still have a Town they can live in is only by dint of the fact that both Reactors were offline.

I ask that EDF consider that the time is right to close Hunterston B.  The risk of continuing to run the 2 Reactors in their current condition is simply unconscionable.

David Autumns

For and on behalf of all 735 Members of Radiation Free Lakeland”



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