Protest Outside Nuclear Laundry – Tomorrow 6th August 3pm-4pm

Energy Coast Laundry

Join us Tomorrow outside the Nuclear Laundry on the Lillyhall Business Park – we will be outside the gates of “Energy Coast Laundry” from 3-4pm.

This nuclear laundry has been operating since November last year with NO PLANNING PERMISSION.

It washes up to 8 tonnes of Sellafield’s dirty laundry EVERY DAY.  Hundreds of thousands of litres of fresh water EVERY DAY from the already stressed public water supply.

The contaminated water goes down the drains.  This is a scandal.

Many thanks to the Times and Star for reporting …see below

‘Nuclear ghetto’ to be challenged by protest
By Emma Walker

An environmental pressure group is to protest outside a nuclear laundry following news of its late planning application.

Campaigners from Radiation Free Lakeland will protest outside Energy Coast Laundry’s site on Tuesday, saying they are growing more concerned about how the nuclear industry is affecting the area.

The group’s action was prompted by the laundry’s submission of a planning application to bring it in line with planning rules.

Protestors attending the hour-long demonstration, which will begin at 3pm, are pressing for the nuclear laundry “to be halted as a matter of urgency”, stating that it needs to undergo “rigorous planning scrutiny” from the full county council.
A spokesman for Radiation Free Lakeland said: “We are appalled that the laundry has been operating since last November with no scrutiny and no opportunity for the public to have a say on this.”

Allerdale council had launched an investigation into the Lillyhall company following a complaint from Radiation Free Lakeland.

Those who run the laundry have moved to reassure the public, insisting that they deal only with “non-active” basic clothing worn by Sellafield workers and contractors, and that all workwear is scanned and declared safe before leaving the nuclear plant.

The laundry was granted a radioactive substances permit following a “brief one-month consultation period” with the Environment Agency.

Campaigners said: “It seems that the nuclear industry has a magic ticket for anything it wants, and right now it wants to expand its operations out of Sellafield into areas that were previously nuclear-free.

“Lillyhall was set up as a business park to diversify away from the nuclear industry, but it is increasingly becoming a nuclear ghetto.”

A council spokesman previously said: “Allerdale council’s planning officers have undertaken further investigations, including inspections. Following these investigations, it has become apparent that there are built structures which do require regularisation with planning permission, and we are working with company officials to resolve this.”

Allerdale council has launched a consultation into the plans which closes on August 15.”

See the full story in the Times and Star

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