Nuclear Laundry Asks for Retrospective Planning

Following our investigations the Energy Coast Laundry which was granted a radioactive substances permit by the Environment Agency has been exposed as having had no planning permission from Allerdale Borough Council  This was vehemently denied by Allerdale Borough Council ” Chiefs at the borough council have already insisted there is “no evidence” that the operation of Energy Coast at Lillyhall represents a breach of planning law.”   We were accused of “scaremongering” by David Moore, Chair of the West Cumbria Site Stakeholder Group – the group officially supposed to be holding the nuclear industry to account.

The denials about this nuclear laundry have gone on for months.  Now we have only until the 15th August to ‘make comments’ on this retrospective planning application.   Allerdale planners have a golden opportunity now to stop this new nuclear laundry and we will be doing everything we can to make sure they do just that.

First step is to actually be able to access the documents – the Allerdale Borough Council website is not allowing that.  I have just written to the Senior Planning Officer to ask for sight of the documents or at least a direct link.

If there are folk out there who have any insights on how we can best fight this retrospective application for a nuclear laundry on Lillyhall then please do get in touch

Here are some of the planning details – note: the word ‘nuclear’ is not mentioned

“Reference No: FUL/2019/0187

Proposal: Retrospective application for the change of use of former car sales site to industrial laundry with the retention of freestanding buildings for ancillary storage, employees mess room, boiler and compressor housing

Location: Energy Coast Laundry Joseph Noble Road Lillyhall Industrial Estate Workington.

Details of the application can be viewed using our website:   ”



The planning rules on what can and cannot be taken into account are nerdy so any ideas welcome…

EC Allerdale BC Consultation

Here is our previous report on the Nuclear Laundry

We now have a chance to get it stopped.







2 thoughts on “Nuclear Laundry Asks for Retrospective Planning

  1. Elfed Jones

    All the “ Un’s under the Sun, Unsafe and all the others now joined with Unaffordable without public subsidies ? Not in my name ! uneducated to throw our future generations money at a White Elephant just for political vested and conflicts I AM NOT. Who votes for these corrupt councillors and politicians ?

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