“Implementing Geological Disposal” ? – NO THANKS!!!

“Implementing Geological Disposal”- the push for geological disposal is all about the plan to build more nuclear reactors, more plutonium and tritium for the military and has nothing whatsoever to do with protecting  future generations from radioactive wastes .  Radioactive wastes have the potential to make this planet uninhabitable for eons to come and are the biggest threat to all life as we know it on planet earth.    “Green” Sweden, the home of  Greta is taking the lead in this diabolic project to dump nuclear wastes dangerously out of sight and out of mind in order to build more reactors.

At a recent meeting in Cockermouth,  Allerdale Councillors were informed that government agencies have been buying up farm land – Ennerdale is a case in point!  The Irish Sea was also mentioned as a possible “host.”   Cumbria County Councillors have already voted unanimously to allow deep mining infrastructure to be embedded under the Irish Sea – I wonder if they realise they have also willingly ushered in “experts in geological disposal” with West Cumbria Mining?  The below is from their website….

Mark Kirkbride
Chief Executive Officer

Mark_KMark has 25 years’ experience in the mining and civil engineering industries, primarily in underground construction and operations with Trafalgar House, Cementation Mining, Kvaerner and Skanska Construction.

He has worked on a wide range of mine developments, operational mines, tunnelling and heavy civil engineering construction projects, from graduate engineer through to project director.

His mining expertise includes deep shaft sinking, hard and soft rock tunnel developments (including coal, salt, potash, gold, platinum, lead/zinc and copper) and production operations. Specialist engineering work has included tunnel boring machines, tunnel refurbishment, sprayed concrete linings, hydroelectric schemes and deep geological disposal investigations.


“Engineers at work / Peirianwyr wrth eu gwaith
NPS sets out the need for geological disposal infrastructure
The National Policy Statement (NPS) for geological disposal infrastructure was this month laid before Parliament. This is an important step on the journey to deliver a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) in the UK, which is designed to provide a safe, secure, and permanent disposal solution for our radioactive waste.

The NPS explains the national need for geological disposal infrastructure, provides planning guidance for developers and outlines the process for the assessment of development consent applications in England. Wales and Scotland have their own devolved policies and there is currently no siting policy for Northern Ireland.

Radioactive Waste Management is engaging with stakeholders, interested parties and communities to find a suitable site for a GDF – only where the local community is willing to host the facility.”

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4 thoughts on ““Implementing Geological Disposal” ? – NO THANKS!!!

  1. I understand why people are concerned about geological disposal, but making sweeping and demonstrably false statements not helpful. Sweden is not building a repository to build more nuclear plants. Like Germany, Switzerland and other countries, Sweden is phasing out nuclear power. Like Germany, Switzerland and all other countries, Sweden is following internationally-agreed approach to disposing of radioactive waste. Even if we shut down every nuclear facility, disarm every nuclear weapon, dismantle every MRI scanner and X-ray machine, we would still have a pile of legacy nuclear waste. Not requested, not wanted, but needing attention. Leaving the waste on the surface is not a sustainable solution, and simply shifting hard decisions onto some future generation for the mess our generations have made seems to be the norm for the self-entitled baby boomer generation’s attitude towards most long-term social and environmental issues.

    1. Hi Roy, I guess as a former advisor to RWM you will know about the ‘Flowers Report” which states that there can be no new nuclear build without a permanent ‘solution’ to the waste. Nuclear waste is already being dumped- the reclassified high volume very low level, and low level stuff is shunted off to incinerators, metal recycling and landfill with Drigg taking a tiny percentage of what it used to. So the industry appear to be getting away with that dumping but …What to do with other higher level stuff is more problematic. Instead of admitting that there is no ‘away’ (only continual containment and repackaging at the surface or near surface) there needs to be a ‘solution’ and implementing a GDF is it – even though it is not possible to do this without polluting humans and the natural world. You say “simply shifting hard decisions onto some future generation for the mess our generations have made seems to be the norm for the self-entitled baby boomer generation’s attitude” What this actually means is that future generations will have no means to protect themselves from Sellafield becoming what it was always intended to be, an ultimate WMD. Sweden is not “phasing out” nuclear power – not in the next 40 years while it refits its old reactors and then plans to replace them with new ones. It is thanks to Sweden that Cumbria is the only place in the UK to have a radioactive scrap metal recycling plant at Workington – but then they are amazing at recycling the Swedes!!! – (insert hysterical laugh here)

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