Toxic Culture at Sellafield Nuclear Plant: We Need the Truth by Sellafield Whistleblower – Alison McDermott

The following is a CrowdJustice plea for donations.  I have personally donated to this as one of Radiation Free Lakeland’s first founders Duncan Ball was one such employee of Sellafield who was forced out of his job and jailed for trying to blow the whistle on the toxic culture at Sellafield.

This is what Alison says on the CrowdJustice page.  If you can donate – please do, if you cannot then please share as the more people know about this then we are likely to be safer and see another day.

Toxic Culture at Sellafield Nuclear Plant: We Need the Truth
by Sellafield Whistleblower – Alison McDermott
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Sellafield Whistleblower – Alison McDermott
Case Owner

I have spent most of my career championing equality and fairness in the workplace. I blew the whistle because I believed serious issues at a nuclear plant were not being addressed.

“Sellafield abruptly terminated my contract after I raised serious concerns about the abuse of employees working there and leaders’ failure to investigate or take action. I have lodged a whistleblowing and victimisation case in the Employment Tribunal and would be grateful for your support so that the issues I unearthed come to light. Please donate and share widely with your friends and colleagues on social media. Donations can be made anonymously.” Alison McDermott, Diversity Consultant


The potential dangers on the Sellafield nuclear site are obvious; an estimated 40% of the world’s plutonium is stored there and a major incident would contaminate large parts of Northern Europe. It is of particular importance that a safe and secure environment is maintained.  As I discovered whilst working there, Sellafield is characterised by a deep-rooted toxic working culture with numerous reports of bullying, harassment and discrimination.

The key objective of this crowdfunding is to raise the funds needed for a legal case. 


  1. 1 in 20 say they are being bullied or harassed.
  2. A quarter of employees say bullying and harassment are tolerated.
  3. A quarter of employees say offensive comments are tolerated.

The CEO admitted to being ashamed and embarrassed by these findings y
et the current state of Sellafield is the direct result of the decisions made by those in charge.

In addition to the survey data, employees shared vivid stories of harassment, discrimination and bullying with me. Many said they felt too defeated or intimidated to speak out. I spoke out on their behalf and, in response, my long-term contract was abruptly terminated.

I believe that Sellafield’s retaliation sends a powerful and frightening message to its employees – don’t blow the whistle or speak out or there will be reprisals. 

The risks to the employees – and the wider public – of this kind of working culture being permitted to thrive at Sellafield are self-evident and must not be tolerated. There is a clear link between employees who are too demoralised to speak out and safety failings and the impact this can have on their own health and well-being.


After the initial unsatisfactory response from Sellafield Ltd, I raised my concerns directly with the Director of Stakeholder Relations at the parent company (the NDA). I also told him I believed I was being victimised for speaking out. 

I hoped they would respond to my concerns, particularly as they had worked closely with me and appeared to value my expertise:-

“Alison is hugely experienced and has made a massive impact here in changing the way we look at diversity and inclusion.  Her deep technical knowledge and great personal style have delivered significant results.”   
Paul Vallance, Director of Stakeholder Relations. LinkedIn Testimonial, July 2018.

The NDA assured me they would investigate but I heard nothing further. 

I found their inaction devastating; I believed that, as a parent body, they would act to investigate and stop the retaliation against me. I was wrong. I have now exhausted every internal route and so the only option left is legal action and public scrutiny.

Sellafield and the NDA have instructed two national law firms to oppose me, using taxpayers’ money.  It is for this reason that I am exploring all funding options as justice cannot just be available for those with the deepest pockets.

Please donate if you care about the abuse of employees or the safe running of a nuclear plant.

Donations can be made anonymously via this site. I have instructed the law firm Leigh Day and your donations will help to fund this critical case.

Thank you for any support you can offer.
A final word to the employees at Sellafield
” I have serious concerns about the way employees are treated – described by one employee as “draconian.”  I heard blatant accounts of sexist, racist and homophobic behaviour which shocked me to the core. 

The employees I met placed their trust in me and shared their stories in the hope that things might change. I do not want to let them down. Finances permitting,  I will keep speaking out to make sure this wrongdoing stops and employees are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.”


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    A number of folk from Radiation Free Lakeland nave already contributed to this. Lets help Alison expose the toxic culture at Sellafield. No less.than the safety of our world is at stake.

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