Halt the Nuclear Laundry at Lillyhall

The following is a letter sent as an Open Letter to Allerdale Borough Council – some local press have printed it (above –  Whitehaven News 26th June 2019)


An Open letter to  All Allerdale Borough Councillors,
Nuclear Laundry
Radiation Free Lakeland have been making waves about the new nuclear laundry operating on the Lillyhall Business Park.
Immediately following a complaint sent in to the Local Government Ombudsman Allerdale Borough Council finally admitted that the Energy Coast Laundry has been operating for a full year illegally without planning permission.
Allerdale B.C. now have a golden opportunity to stop the nuclear laundry operating on the Lillyhall Business Park.  The ‘Energy Coast Laundry”s’ own website boasts that they are an “effective provider of laundry services to the Nuclear Industry. With the capability to launder significant quantities of quality finished garments, we meet the operational needs of our customers in a safe and cost effective way. We are determined to ensure we also look after our environment and show complete adherence to our permits and licences.”
Meanwhile this new nuclear laundry has been operating for a full year without the necessary planning permission and there has been no scrutiny afforded by either the public or up until now by the council.  It is clear that this laundry is geared up to service not only Sellafield but also the wider nuclear industry with nuclear laundry likely to be travelling through the Lake District to Lillyhall from for example Heysham and further afield.
West Cumbria’s water supply is already stressed.  Sellafield has its own dedicated water supplies but the new nuclear laundry sixteen miles away will be using the public supply.
Radiation Free Lakeland have been accused of “scaremongering” by neighbouring Copeland Borough Council’s portfolio holder for nuclear Councillor David Moore. Councillor Moore is also the Chair of the body officially tasked with holding the nuclear industry to account in Cumbria, namely the West Cumbria Site Stakeholder Group.
Radiation Free Lakeland urge Allerdale Borough Council to put the protection of the public and upholding planning legislation, ahead of the wishes and agenda of the nuclear industry.   This is a chance for Allerdale Borough Council to stem the tide of new nuclear industries run by unaccountable private companies operating on the Lillyhall Business Park.  As Hadrian said “This Far and No Further’.
Yours Sincerely,
Marianne Birkby
on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

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