New Nuclear Laundry – Sign the Letter of Complaint to Ombudsman in Workington this Saturday 8th June- 1pm at the Clock

Energy Coast Nuclear Laundry – 2019

Google Map of Energy Coast Laundry Site 29th May 2019 a

Google Map image captured 2009 of the site now a nuclear laundry next to Wulfsport International.

See you at the Lookout Clock in Workington on Saturday 8th June from 1pm  – add your name to the Official Complaint about this New Nuclear Laundry


People may have seen local press coverage about the new nuclear laundry which has set up shop on the Lillyhall Business Park.   Allerdale  Borough Council have washed their hands of any responsibility for this dirty nuclear laundry saying that planning permission was not necessary as the site (near to an industrial bakery, cafe and college) was already a laundry. 

Radiation Free Lakeland are asking Allerdale residents to join them in making a complaint about the lack of planning scrutiny over Workington’s new nuclear laundry.  The complaint will be made to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman and states:  “Allerdale and neighbouring Copeland residents have been shocked to find a new laundry with a radioactive substances permit from the Environment Agency starting up on the Lillyhall Business Park, Workington.   This has not been through any planning permission at all.

“Radiation Free Lakeland have been in correspondence with Allerdale Borough Council who agreed to investigate the lack of planning scrutiny. The result of their investigation is that : “In this instance, there is no evidence to suggest that the activity on site at the laundry is in breach of planning legislation as it does not, in planning terms, represent a change to the established use of the building as a laundry.”

“Our own investigations show that the exact site on which Energy Coast Laundry is based has contained various businesses and Google Maps still shows the site (rented off Wulfsport International next door) as being a car dealership (Google image captured in 2009).   In any event this is not any ordinary laundry.  Energy Coast Laundry’s new website states that they are a : “provider of laundry services to the Nuclear Industry. With the capability to launder significant quantities of quality finished garments..`’.  There are vehicles on site going to and from nuclear premises to collect and deliver laundry.  There are changes to the structure of the building with new chimneys to vent radioactive releases to air.

“Radiation Free Lakeland ask that the Local Government Ombudsman investigate and take action against the lack of any democratic oversight by Allerdale Borough Council. Sellafield should not be laundering active or non active “factory basics” offsite, it is opening the floodgates for novel pathways of radioactive contamination to the public and contaminating a previously nuclear free site on the Lillyhall Business Park.  A complaint is also being sent to the Environment Agency who have been neglectful of the public’s health and safety in giving out a radioactive substances permit for this nuclear laundry”

The letter to the Ombudsman goes on to say: “This new nuclear laundry has been allowed to set up unchallenged and under a veil of secrecy on a Business Park just metres away from a cafe, industrial bakery and college.”

Radiation Free Lakeland are asking Allerdale residents to contact  for their names to be included on the complaint.

Names can be kept anonymous as we are aware of the divisive nature of the nuclear industry in West Cumbria,  but the more people who contact us with their concerns the more chance we have of holding the local authority to account.  They must put the safety of the public above the interests of the nuclear industry.

We will be at the Lookout Clock in Workington on Saturday 8th June from 1pm in order to allow people to add their names to the letter.

More information is contained in this investigative report by Radiation Free Lakeland

A Quick and Dirty Look at Energy Coast Laundry’s Radioactive Materials Permit by Mining Awareness.

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