Millenials and the Chernobyl Series: “Tell us the Truth!”



The Chernobyl series has sent a shock wave through the Millenial generation.  Millenials have been fed a grossly rose tinted view of the nuclear industry through the media, through the education system, through the wholesale abdication of mainstream NGOs ((Foe and Greenpeace in the UK have not actively had a dedicated campaign against the nuclear industry for at least two decades ) and through celebrity science and environment commentators such as Brian Cox and George Monbiot.

Last week a post went up on our facebook page which resonated with a lot of people.  With kind permission we have republished below  The post was by David Autumns who said:  “My Daughter has just written to EDF … Why? She has just watched the second episode of Chernobyl. This series really is having an enormous effect. Most of us here lived through it and have seen documentaries and have the science background and imaginations to have already watched the series in our minds eye. (and it’s Fukushima sequel) But for the post 1990 Generation it would appear the series is delivering the horror neatly shrink wrapped in a box set binge watch ..and it is getting our message across, loud and graphically clear. I recently watched both series of Manhatten on Amazon Prime and again that is something worth doing. My Daughter now understands my rage and why and what drives me to take the trips and the photos I have. I can only deal with my anti-nuclear rage in small doses otherwise it just consumes me, which is no good to anyone. This is why I just pop in here every now and again. But out there in the UK right now are some horrified young people who are finally beginning to appreciate what has gone on and is still going on – and they want to stop it just like us…”

Emily Autumns via facebook post  : “what a night mare it must of been for the people at the site of Chernobyl. People shouldnt have to be be offered those kind of job, knowing the underlying risks of it goes wrong. The difficult choices of sacrificing people shouldnt linked linked to how we let our energy when we’ve got so many empty roof tops where lovely solar pannels could go.
The new Now TV series is like the worst horror film I’ve seen people dying all over the shop, vomiting, collapsing, skin peeling off and bleeding through thier skin, which isn’t to bad when you’ve seen game of thrones, but then you realise this happen in real life and its not a one off. These people were dying just trying to help get their colleagues out or put out the fire or as the days went by sacrifice them self’s not knowing how painful their death was going to be to stop the other reactors from exploding and saving millions of others. So I tell my dad I’m watching Chernobyl like this 😱😳😬🤯😩 and he calls me up and tells me people are still building these power stations…. Phycopaths why, why would you risk this happening ever again, we talk about wars like never again. We’ll this is having an equal to (in my eyes) worse lasting effect on not just the people living around the site but all over due the smoke filled with nuclear particles blowing all over the place contaminating the earth and water, continuing heath problems for people and animals. Terrifying. Utterly terrifying, so what can I do nothing really other than see if I can find an email address online for someone who can make a difference. So I asked him to take the time to watch this new series and reminded him that this has not Been a one off. Then thanked him for his time and for any more time he might take encouraging his colleagues not to build more of these sites and hopefully helping with shuting down others.
I then thought what other effect I could personally have and now I’m going to look into my energy supplier is and find out where they get their energy from and if its nuclear or they are proactive and wanting to build nuclear then I’m swooping and will be telling them why. I think if all us lil people emailed all our energy suppliers and the government politely telling them how terrified we are of nuclear and if they don’t understand why to watch this series. Hopefully then they will understand.”

Emily’s email to EDF 28 May 2019


I hope you’ve watched Chernobyl on now TV, if not it’s really worth watching, especially someone with your influence or I’m sure you know people that have and just remember Chernobyl is not just a one-off. Its truly terrified me this evening hence why I looked to find someone’s email within your company.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully taking the time to stop nuclear power.



EDF’s weasel words back to Emily in which they justify building ever more nuclear developments to fight the “climate emergency” with ever more dangerous new nuclear developments.  EDF are either shockingly unaware of the unique and inevitable danger of nuclear or they are just plain evil in promoting this and wrapping it up in vicious greenwash.

To Emily from EDF…..

“Thank you for taking the time to share with me your feelings after watching Chernobyl on TV. It is an accident widely studied in the nuclear industry, which has a duty to learn from such episodes in order to minimise the likelihood of their reoccurrence. Very much like the airplane industry has to learn from incidents to airplanes or the car industry from car safety. Our industry has moved on and progressed a lot since Chernobyl, the new technologies are considerably safer, but one can say that humility and learning are always a necessity.

I take this opportunity to share with you my concerns with the climate change crisis, one that is not so easy to see in our day to day life, and yet will have a very detrimental impact on the life on our planet for many generations to come. This is due to the accumulation in the atmosphere of fumes issued from gas and coal fired electricity generation stations, as well from driving our cars, heating our homes, and industry in general.

The solution to this issue will take decades to implement and requires massive efforts to: a) reduce energy consumption/save energy; b) replace fossil fuels with electricity wherever possible (for example using electric cars); c) make sure all electricity is produced “low carbon”.

Britain is fully embracing the challenge to produce low carbon electricity, by harnessing the force of wind (of which the country is blessed with abundance), exploiting the energy from the sun (slightly less abundant in Britain, particularly during winter and at the northernmost latitudes), and exploiting nuclear power stations.

It is my belief that in the future more and more renewable energy (wind and sun) will power our economy, but for where there is no wind or no sun, a component of nuclear electricity will always be required.

That is why we have undertaken a programme to build new nuclear stations, to be ready to replace the current ones when they retire.

In conducting our activity, nuclear safety is our overriding priority, and the British nuclear industry, which counts over 65000 employees, has an enviable track record in safe and secure production of nuclear energy, under the watchful eye of the ONR, the Independent Safety Authority.

We regularly send our employees to visit sites as Chernobyl, which are a stark reminder of what it means to forget nuclear safety.

Thank you again for sharing with me your views, which I entirely respect, and offering me the opportunity to share with you the reasons why I believe a safe, professional nuclear industry is one Britain has to be proud of, and a contributor to a low carbon future.

Best regards,

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