A Quick & Dirty Look At Energy Coast Laundry’s Radioactive Materials Permit (Starting With Caesium 137 Discharges to Air)

Taking in the Nuclear industry’s dirty washing must be very lucrative. In 2013 we exposed the awful fact that Sellafield’s supposedly “non active” clothing was being taken in by Shortridge at Lillyhall, Workington. Shortridge also do the laundry for tourist businesses in the Lake District and were very annoyed at our revelations – they insist that the laundry is “non active.” So lucrative must this contract for a ‘contingency’ laundry with Sellafield be that the same company has now set up shop on a different part of the Lillyhall Business Park but this time they have gone all out for a “radioactive discharge” permit from the Environment Agency. What they don’t have is any planning permission so local businesses were not made aware of the dedicated nuclear laundry in their midst. Apparently the nuclear industry can now set up shop anywhere – near a food outlet, school, whatever. It is out of control. Many Thanks to Mining Awareness for this analysis of the Radioactive Substances Permit given to the Energy Coast (Nuclear) Laundry by our supposed protectors, the Environment Agency. It is shocking.

Mining Awareness +

Energy Coast Laundry, showing low set chimneys, photo via RaFL

Permit DB3996DJ – Energy Coast Laundry Limited
Permit number
Permit holder
Energy Coast Laundry Limited
Approved date
Permit type
Keeping & Use of Radioactive Materials and Disposal of Radioactive Waste (G)
Site address
Joseph Noble Road, Lillyhall Industrial Estate, Workington, CA14 4JX
Site postcode
CA14 4JX
Site reference
Local Authority
https://archive.li/https://environment.data.gov.uk/public-register/radioactive-substance/registration/DB3996DJ?__pageState=result-radioactive-substances-permits More details of the permit are found at the blog post bottom, as reprinted by RaFL.

As can be seen above, “Energy Coast” laundry has an environmental permit, allowing radioactive discharges. While they claim that the risk from these artificial nuclear materials is small, we find no basis for this claim. Rather, the risk appears potentially large, depending upon how it is distributed. And, why should Sellafield nuclear waste site send its laundry offsite and discharge radioactive materials into…

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2 thoughts on “A Quick & Dirty Look At Energy Coast Laundry’s Radioactive Materials Permit (Starting With Caesium 137 Discharges to Air)

  1. Roger Cartwright

    I have not watched “Chernobyl” at 9pm on Sky Atlantic but the write up sounds as if it is saying similar things – the lack of truth about this catastrophy and interest by the authorities!

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