27th April – Surround Springfields – Get the book! (No T shirts but we do have Nuclear Waste Barrel Costumes!)

Surround Springfields 

The ongoing Chernobyl nuclear disaster marks its 33rd anniversary on Friday April 26th.

On the Saturday April 27th campaigners will  gather at the Springfields nuclear site in Lancashire, the dark heart of the UK’s nuclear industry, to highlight  the need for action against new nuclear power plants and dangerous radioactive waste ‘disposal’.

The Chernobyl disaster is a stark reminder that nuclear power has never lived up to the promise of cheap energy for all, but the costs have included displacement and sickness to communities, contamination of land and water resources, and a build up of 70 years worth of nuclear waste.

The 2nd edition of Spotlight on Springfields has been published to coincide with the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.  FREE COPY for every one dressed as a Nuclear Waste Barrel on 27th (if you don’t have your own nuclear waste barrel then they are provided!)  The company behind Springfields, Westinghouse are now supplying the Ukraine with nuclear fuel manufactured at its fuel fabrication facility in Västerås, Sweden.  Sweden is currently undergoing a nuclear ‘renewal’ rather than phase out  and is lobbying for the rest of the world to follow its dark footsteps.

Springfields in the UK, at Salwick Nr Preston is where nuclear fuel is produced for both civil and military use, for sale at home in the UK and abroad.

‘Surround Springfields’ is an opportunity to follow the route of radioactive waste and to understand how this issue affects everyone, everywhere.

We will even be dressing as barrels of waste in an attempt to break a world record for surrounding a nuclear site. We will also be having a live conversation with indigenous people in other countries via a webinar about the impacts of uranium mining and nuclear waste. You can join this remotely if you cannot get there – check our Facebook page below for details.

This week’s Nuclear Hottest podcast features interviews with a Chernobyl survivor; the man behind the keystone book on the disaster and the doctor who edited it; the world’s premiere on-the-ground evolutionary biologist investigating mutations, and a photojournalist who makes the Chernobyl/Fukushima connection.  It brings Ukraine’s devastating 1986 nuclear accident — and its ongoing consequences — into sharp, terrifying, and very personal focus.  

Surround Springfields will take place on Saturday 27 April.

For more information, contact springaction2019@stopnewnuclear.org.uk



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