French Paper, Le Monde Exposes the Close Proximity of Sellafield to the Crazy Cumbrian Coal Mine Plan

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Published in Le Monde on the 15th April

Many thanks to Le Monde for going where our national press fears to tread….

”There has been no discussion, no research on the potential dangers of the proximity of this nuclear waste”, denounces Marianne Birkby, member of the Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole. Founded by the anti-nuclear movement Radiation Free Lakeland, which has 720 members, the movement is behind the petition sent to James Brokenshire, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.”

Le Monde

“Despite growing concerns over global warming, the UK is about to open an underwater coal mine. The first in thirty years, in the north-west of the country, on the coast of the depopulated county of Cumbria. A group of local opponents sent the government Wednesday, April 10 a petition signed by 1,500 people.  This called for a stay of Cumbria County Council’s decision and the opening of a public inquiry, in which “all aspects of the mine would be examined in detail”.
On March 19th, all-party members of the county council voted unanimously in favor of this offshore submarine mine project led by West Cumbria Mining Limited. In the Irish Sea, a few hundred meters from the coast of Whitehaven (25 000 inhabitants), the exploitation of the ore nested at a depth of 350 meters should begin within two years, according to the company. The mining company is still required to obtain an operating license from the Marine Management Organization (an independent body responsible for the management of marine protected areas) to be able to dig under the sea.
Access will be from the mainland, then through underground galleries. “For the miners who work there, it does not change a conventional underground mine,” says the director of risks in the Bureau of Geological and Mining Research (BRGM), Karim Ben Slimane.

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