Capenhurst – The Facts

Enriching the Future - URENCO


If you’ve ever wondered where and how uranium is enriched in the UK before it goes for military uses and to Springfields (also check out Surround Springfields on 27th April) to be made into nuclear fuel  then have a look at the new booklet..

Capenhurst – the Facts

This booklet takes a critical look at URENCO’s Capenhurst uranium enrichment plant in Cheshire has been produced by the Close Capenhurst Campaign.

Capenhurst – the Facts is the first publication of its kind. The report includes a description of URENCO’s activities, transport of material, accidents that have occurred, the tailings plant that will store depleted uranium hexafluoride for years to come, and storage of submarine reactors.

Although the Capenhurst uranium enrichment plant plays a key part in the nuclear cycle, its functions – and indeed its existence – have been largely unknown to the general public.

The 20-page booklet is available for £2 from closecapenhurst @

It can also be read online.

“Without a doubt, there are very real concerns about the lack of transparency surrounding Capenhurst’s activities – the adequacy
of nuclear safeguards at Capenhurst, environmental
and public health risks associated with Capenhurst’s routine operations, as well as incidents and accidents associated with Capenhurst’s management of uranium hexafluoride.”

Dr Paul Dorfman
The Energy Institute
University College London

“The uranium hexafluoride (UF6) containers in your photos are of the type 48Y which is designated as a Type B cask that is required to sustain immersion in a fire of 800°C for 30 minutes – this test condition is not that particularly onerous, neither in temperature nor duration of
the immersing fire.”

John Large
(in an email to Radiation Free Lakeland)
John Large was the Leading independent analyst of safety and security in the nuclear industry up until the time of his death, aged 75, from a heart attack in 2018

Capenhurst, The Facts is “quite wonderful, congratulations”
Helen Caldicott
Founding President of Physicians for Social Responsibility – The umbrella organisation International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985



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