Protestors to Surround Springfields Nuclear Site…

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Protesters to surround Springfields nuclear site

The Surround Springfields protest on 27 April will see anti-nuclear protesters gathering at the Lancashire nuclear site for a day of action. Stop New Nuclear’s Chris Bluemel explores the issues.

Springfields nuclear plant in Lancashire

On 27 April, we will gather at the Springfields nuclear site in Lancashire, the dark heart of the nuclear industry, to highlight the need for action on the twin fronts of new nuclear generation and radioactive waste disposal.

Nuclear power has never lived up to the promise of cheap energy for all, but the costs have included displacement and sickness to nearby communities, contamination of land and water resources and a build up of 70 years’ worth of nuclear waste.

In the UK, the costs of nuclear developments have been borne by the taxpayer. Under the ‘Contracts for Difference’ scheme (a government regulatory regime for supporting low-carbon electricity generation), bills for electricity from the new plant at Hinkley C will be twice what we currently pay. This does not cover the costs of accidents, which are underwritten by the government. Nuclear plants typically run over-time and over-budget.

Link Here to read the full article ..

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