The Lake District National Park’s Credibility Undermined by Nuclear Promotion?

Tomorrow, Tuesday 12th February, 10am at the Lake District National Park Authority Headquarters a question will be posed to the Park Strategy and Vision Committee by Marianne Birkby of Radiation Free Lakeland.

“The Lake District National Park will be 70 years old in a couple of years.   The National Park boundary  stopping short of the Sellafield site which first started its outward sprawl in 1947 along the West Cumbrian coastal strip parallel to the geological  Lake District Boundary Fault Line.
I am sure the  Park Strategy and Vision Committee agrees that the ongoing and ever outward sprawl and influence of the nuclear industry in Cumbria is detrimental to the perceived and actual Vision agreed by the LDNP Partnership and to World Heritage Site status.
There is no scientific and technical guarantee of safety (and there may never be) for geological dumping of intermediate and high level wastes under Cumbria (or anywhere else), the new nuclear build proposed next to Sellafield would generate ever more dangerous nuclear wastes that there is no ‘away’ for. 
Given this fact, does it undermine the credibility of the National Park for a member of the Park Strategy and Vision Committee to be vehemently petitioning for the public to foot the bill to ensure the  plan for new nuclear build goes ahead on the green fields and river Ehen floodplain next to Sellafield?”
Tony Lywood is a key member of the Park Strategy & Vision Committee, a member of the County Council and Copeland’s Labour hopeful.  He has set up a petition asking for the government to foot the bill for Moorside.
Marianne Bennett (also known by artist name: Birkby) has set up  a rival Parliamentary petition saying that Moorside should not be funded by government.  An existing 38 Degrees Stop Moorside petition also started by Radiation Free Lakeland has achieved close to 13,000 signatures and rising. 
Tony Lywood Parliamentary Petition – THE PUBLIC MUST PAY!
Marianne Bennett/Radiation Free Lakeland Parliamentary Petition –
Stop Moorside – 38 Degrees Petition

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