Lake District National Park Authority Member DEMANDS that the Government Pay for Moorside. OUR PETITION SAYS STUFF THAT! (well something like that)

Moorside Parl Petition
Image:  taken today in Ackenthwaite.  This is the south side of Cumbria and like the village of Beckermet (Moorside) on the west side, is not in the Lake District (The Lake District National Park is an artificial construct about the same age as the nuclear industry!) The mountains between give the South Lakes a false sense of distance from Sellafield and the Moorside plan – it is a mere 33 miles away.

Distance Ackenthwaite to Beckermet.jpg


In December a petition was launched by a member of the Lake District National Park Authority (also a member of Cumbria County Council and Copeland’s Labour hopeful) Tony Lywood’s petition demands that the Government must use public money to fund Moorside.

We say stuff that, we don’t want to pay our own money to be poisoned.  So on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland and all those folk who do not want to pay for a dirty dangerous new nuclear power plant next to Sellafield, a rival petition has been launched.  Our petition asks politely that  that the Government honour the 2010 promise (made by convicted liar Chris Huhne) not to use public money to fund insane new nuclear build.

 Both petitions agree on one issue namely that “No nuclear power station anywhere in the world has ever been built without government help.”  The reason for that is simple. NUKILLER IS DANGEROUS and no private company can underwrite the liability.

Eye watering amounts of public money have already been squandered on this nuclear nightmare called ‘Moorside.’ The National Grid’s planning work alone amounts to the high tens of millions of pounds (see below) and the majority of that cost is already  going to come from us, the public. However, the amount already thrown down a black hole on Moorside is as nothing compared to the cost to the public and to the Lake District/Cumbrian environment should Moorside actually go ahead as is being demanded by Lake District National Park member (!) Tony Lywood, enough is enough!”

OUR PETITION :  ‘Moorside, new nuclear plant should not be funded by Government’

The new petition on the Parliamentary Petition site asking that the Government does not fund Moorside with public money can be found here:

The text of the new petition reads:

Moorside, new nuclear plant should not be funded by Government.

Cumbria already has the intolerable burden of Sellafield. A major accident involving the liquid high level waste would have catastrophic consequences. Any dangerous development near to Sellafield would make a major accident more likely. Private developers cannot afford to underwrite this risk.

More details

“Replacing the output of the shelved new nuclear plants at Wylfa, Moorside and Oldbury with renewables would be 13-33% cheaper, including the costs of balancing variable output, according to quickfire analysis from the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit…..
Note that reductions in per-capita electricity generation have saved the UK the equivalent of four Hinkley Cs of demand since 2005


“John Pettigrew, chief executive, of National Grid said that work on the Moorside power lines had cost “tens of millions” of pounds and that there was a “regulatory process” to recover the costs. Nugen is obliged to cover some of the cost, but one industry source said that it was on the hook for a little more than £10 million, while National Grid’s expenditure was thought to be in the high double digits. National Grid is expected to submit a claim to Ofgem, the energy regulator, to recoup the rest from consumers.”


2010 : “A new generation of nuclear power plants will be built – provided no public money is spent on them, Energy Secretary Chris Huhne has said.”


Existing – Stop Moorside – 38 Degrees Petition

NEW PARLIAMENTARY PETITION: Moorside, new nuclear plant should not be funded by Government.


2 thoughts on “Lake District National Park Authority Member DEMANDS that the Government Pay for Moorside. OUR PETITION SAYS STUFF THAT! (well something like that)

  1. Mr David Hatton

    I and my family are completely behind this. It is not just the cost in monetary terms, it is something we do not need. The history of nuclear energy says it all. It is far too dangerous for the Planet, and Cumbrians could be wiped out.

  2. Ian Squires

    There appear to be a few people about who are still supportive of Moorside (which is a name conjured up by NewGen a place that doesn’t really exist) and to my mind they are like a bunch of kids who have had their sweets taken away.

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