Washington State Opposes New Trump Admin Plan To Reclassify Nuclear Waste & Downplay Dangers of Hanford Nuclear Dregs

A new plan to reclassify nuclear waste would allow the federal government to walk away from its obligation to clean up millions of gallons of toxic radioactive waste at Hanford (Sellafield’s ‘sister’ site in the US)

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Comment at the following link till Wednesday night, January 9, 2019, 1159 pm Eastern Time (DC, NYC, etc); and 859 pm in Washington State: https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=DOE_FRDOC_0001-3696 Feel free to submit a comment late, if need be, via the email address given above or below. However, comment on time if you can. Late comments may not officially count. This blog posts in UTC so it was still Jan. 9th in the United States when we posted.

Hanford is in Washington State. If it were Washington DC, you can be certain that nuclear waste would be handled in the best way possible with no consideration of cost. Thus, the best place to store nuclear waste is in the underground bunkers in Washington, DC, especially under the US Congress and White House.

News Release from Washington State Governor’s Office:
State opposes move to downplay dangers of Hanford tank waste
January 8, 2019

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One thought on “Washington State Opposes New Trump Admin Plan To Reclassify Nuclear Waste & Downplay Dangers of Hanford Nuclear Dregs

  1. Many thanks for the reblog. I only found out about the problem very late looking for something else. I thought there was a deadline in early January but couldn’t find it. One thing for sure, it will be challenged in court. So, it’s something to watch. Also to watch is who gets the bid for the tanks and if they are Trump connected. For every bad there is worse. The US has gone from bad to worse. Basically they just want to pour concrete in the tanks from what I can gather, and it appears they already did this at Savannah River site. I recall there being tanks in the water table at SRS. Here are some other links with documents/more info:

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