Questions following the Environment and Health West Cumbria Site Stakeholder Meeting

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The following are a few of the excellent questions and thoughts posed by Neil from RaFL arising from the West Cumbria Site Stakeholder Meeting last week at Cleator Moor on 29th Nov.  It takes a strong stomach to look at this stuff without the blinkers on.

Those present for Sellafield -Dr Richard Hill, Prof. Paul McDonald, Simon Booth,
LLWR Ltd (Drigg) Simon Hunter.

For the Environment Agency. EA. John Titley, Michael Ainsworth, Mr Ray Pemberton

Also present were members of Radiation Free Lakeland,  Marianne Birkby, Neil Wilson, Anita Stirzaker
a member of the public
CORE Janine Allis-Smith
Ms Sherwen NFU
                                       How does the Environment Agency Monitor nuclear ?
The meeting
(It was not possible to hear or see the presentations as the Sellafield contingent was sat in the middle of the hall and ‘others’ around the sides. The PA was not loud enough and the visuals were viewed at such an acute angle as to be worthless.)
The bar charts were incomprehensible; I suspect even to the speakers. Charts/diagrams/data need to be examined over a period of weeks. NONE were included in the Agenda! Nor was there a link to any. A blind meeting!
‘Opposition’ to Sellafield Windscale Calderhall Moorside documentation was made available to all; some months before; including Sellafield LTD.    Sellafield used this opposition information as it was there at the meeting in hard copy!   The Worcester Polytechnic Institute USA radiation survey was dismissed by the Chair as: “corresponding to Sellafield’s findings”!  That includes the Ravenglass reading for americium and caesium thirty times the legal limit!
The EA must give an unequivocal legal statement regarding the radio activity on beaches and released to the environment by Sellafield.
The Environment Agency speaker was/is on first name terms with all the Sellafield speakers, and the young lady on the video presented. He, EA, refused to take the Beach samples offered by RaFL but it was suggested taking further EA samples with an RaFL rep. present. However at the end of the meeting, while trying to arrange sampling; EA with RaFl; there was EA confusion as to whether this could in fact be done! Email contacts were exchanged but the EA has not been in touch to date.
Before the end of the meeting EA was packing up to go home, ( in a ‘fit of peek’!?)
There has been huge volumes of documented nuclear pollutants dumped to land, water and air by BNFL from several sites in the UK over a period of seven decades. There are several Reports/criminal convictions that this dumping has been, and is, will be, detrimental to all life including human.
The EA is the watch dog FOR the PUBLIC and as such should keep convicted criminals at unbiased arms length!
The RaFL radiation samples taken to the meeting, were witnessed, at a St Bees Sand Castle Competition in June 2018  where children took part playing in tidal washed sand from the Irish Sea; a few miles from Sellafield. There were also samples taken from Ravenglass, a heavily irradiated polluted area! See WPI Report. The Mayor of Copeland refused Rafl environmental papers and information leaflet at this competition.
During the Stakholder meeting it was stated by RaFL that  Sellafield beach monitors had been tested positive for americium in the urine, and this was then confirmed by Sellafield: In reply it was stated by Sellafield that; “this was acceptable as the public….. workers etc do not spend as much time on the beach as monitors”!
In EAs view, is this the case; is this a description of events true and is the outcome described by  the Sellafield spokesman valid? If so proven, have you or will you take legal action against Sellafield?
RaFL need the full details of the workmens contamination. Have there been any other incidents or accidents of any kind and if so, what were the outcomes? Was there a recent contamination of a Sellafield worker(s) and was Sellafield fined? A list of all.
A formal request is made for:
                                         EA radiation sampling with RaFL present.
                                         A copy of the minutes of this meeting.

A copy of the transcript of the various speakers.


Oratory from the Chair Person Prof Steve Jones was unintelligible!
The Chair is presumably supposed to be unbiased, he frequently intervened on behalf of Sellafield experts and he answered the questions put to Sellafield by the public! Questioned at the end of the meeting the Chair said he had worked at Sellafield some years ago for twenty years! A further question put to him about THORP flue scrubbing;  was deflected…. “I don’t know anything about that”! (Reprocessing is the biggest nuclear polluting process)
                    “water takes about ten to twenty years to migrate from one side of the Sellafield Site  to the other”.

(1) Why is this information necessary to Sellafield?

(2) Which way, compass direction, does it migrate?
(3) How do you track this water migration? Presumably the water is contaminated radioactively and it is this radioactivity fingerprint you monitor.
(4) Does it travel from the ‘hottest’ radioactive area/s to the less active?
(5) How deep and wide spread does this water travel?
(6) Does it originate from the Sea, land or both?
(7) Does it penetrate under Beckermet Village or through the proposed Moorside Nuclear Site through the heavily faulted ground? For Faulting, See Haig Coal Pit. Numerous discarded attempts at sit’ing a National Repository near Sellafield.
(8) It is obvious that the radiation leaks go somewhere, where?

(9) What is the full purpose of all the hundreds of boreholes on/near to the Sellafield Site and those on/near the Drigg Tip site? You state 178!

(10) What is the FULL purpose of other bore holes outside Sellafield and Drigg. For example, the bore hole/s at the foot of Ennerdale Lake, and in the marsh north of Sellafield??
  During DR Hills presentation for Sellafield, he raised the fact that radioactive particles had been found on the beaches. I.e. “224 – 750 stones were removed from beaches”. What was the extent and nature of their contamination? How old was this contaminant material, ie when  and how was it released?
Dr Hill was then asked; Q….. “how did this material get there”. He replied, A…. “down the pipe”. (This is Sellafield’s DISCHARGE pipe to the Irish Sea some 2Km long)  Q….. “was this solids” A…. Dr Hill “you can’t get solids down the pipe”!
                                             If solids are not discharged down the pipe why are they found on the Beaches?
Dr Hill then was asked about partials emitted. Q… “How big is a particle”?  A…..  “10-100 microns…to…2millimetres”
Which is it Dr…. 10-100u or 2mm? Q….”Are there smaller partials ie. microscopic…..molecules”? “Is this how the ‘stones’ were contaminated”?
(The oil filter in a car engine filters out material much less the 10 microns! (1/1000mm)
If the answer is 2mm partials, and they went down the PIPE, or if its 10-100u; then Sellafield  filters should have removed them! If they HAVE, or had then, filters!
However they are there and if ingested/touched could be lethal. This fact seems to be born out by a Sellafield worker tasked with removing these “partials” has tested with americium in his urine, 2009. (Sellafield). Also by WPI report.
After the meeting the Chair was asked; Q…. “How are these partials collected”?  Q…. “Won’t these irradiate and contaminate the surrounding material”. A…”Once a partial is detected the whole lot is scooped up”! (With a shovel!)
Given that there are bits of molecular size (And bits 2mm) and given that there is an infinite number sand and other crystals on beaches; it would be like asking someone to count these crystals on 50+++ miles worth of beaches! (Note. Radiation is independent of mass. Ie whatever the size they are just as bad!)
These bits will be buried under metres… perhaps….hundred of meters of sand, or below low water to many miles off shore and disturbed on every tide, dry out and be dispersed by the wind!
How do you test on mud flats where a Quad bike (Partial retrieval method!) would sink, on rocky stony shores? What do you do with a contaminated quad bike?
A question from CORE was greeted with less than enthusiasm by Dr Hill. Asked if motor vehicle air cleaners could be used to monitor air emissions Dr Hill described the huge air intake sampling on and near the Site. These, he said, draw in large amounts of air and this is adequate.
                        “THORP flue/chimney is scrubbed but not very well”. Quote. Ex Sellafield manager.
THORP has a high chimney and its omissions could well fall outside the perimeter of the site and samplers. Just as some of the workforce stood on the charge face of Nuclear Munitions Pile No1 during the 1957 Fire were protected by their air tank breathing apparatus and by the 400 foot chimneys; so called Cockcroft’s Follies. The atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were ‘air burst’; they exploded above the ground. Some people 3-4 kilometres from the centre did not die or get cancer……nor did their offspring but their grand children are now displaying radiation symptoms!
Although these nuclear rad. concentrations are dispersed they will affect, harmfully, life over a wider area. Dumping to the sea means nuclear effluent will transmit world wide and for thousands of years!
Note “800teraBq of caesium 137 will arrive at North America from Fukashima by 2016”. More information on the reactor  explosions and contaminations was given to Dr Hill attached to a Summery of the WPI Report.
Leaked news from Japan, indicates radioactive material collected by the unemployed and immigrant workforce etc into plastic bags stored on sea shores, fields etc. This workforce is being contaminated and dying. The plastic bags are breaking down. The irradiated water storage tanks are at capacity and out of date! Ground freezing is, quote, “a waste of time”.
These evils are being reproduced world wide and covered up.
(In the past discharges to the Irish Sea have been described as WORSE than those emitted by the 1957 Windscale Fire. See WPI)
The  spokesman for Drigg Low level Waste Tip.
LLWR Ltd……”Slate imported to the site has upset the radio activity readings, hence the spike on the bar chart”. This was described as site building slate…….
Public statement in answer. “All materials that is excavated from beneath the earth’s surface is potentially radioactive”. (That’s why it’s best to leave them there.) Examples given were; coal, oil, stone, water, gas……..( Eg. The uranium mine in North Korea is next to a coal mine.)
Failure to understand this basic geology is a fundamental engineering blunder that has far reaching effects. And an indictment of the nuclear working practices! Note. Concrete is made using crushed slate, limestone etc from local quarries. It is used extensively in SWCM build. It too is radioactive.(‘Green’ slate is Volcanic Tuffs 300million years old…….deep mined coal, Australian, is radioactive.) Drigg boss was asked…..”What is the rad. back ground reading”?………er………
A statement from the Chair. ” ‘We’ could do nothing (No reprocessing.) at Sellafield for the next ten years but after that it would be much harder”     Is this because you intend to build the biggest (Chinese) Nuclear power station in Europe next to Sellafield?
Isn’t China No.1 cyber and Russia, to whom the UK supplies depleted uranium, (Still, after sanctions) No2?
This untried untested N Station would be built on green fields just metres distant from Beckermet and the Sellafield leak box.
The public is continually reminded that this is UK technology;…….. USA… Westinghouse…. Bust…… Japan’s Toshiba, ‘withdrawn’, Korea SOUTH in talks! China…Build anything anywhere and to hell with the consequences… talks. (Tepco, Japan in deep trouble, lets hope the Japanese people take them to task, for manslaughter.) UK industry….sold off.
Told that we have to “keep the lights on”……..what is the cost in diesel oil of Nuclear?
     THE EA SHOULD TELL US as it SHOULD be the basic overriding principle of their (OUR) survival strategy! That’s their job!
There is NO KNOWN method of making nuclear waste safe. What they, including the EA, is doing is dispersing this nuclear muck in order to build the greatest threat to life ever known.
And why do we need all this energy? So we can burn it like there’s no tomorrow. (There is no tomorrow with nuclear is paying its massive CARBON part).
Answer, we don’t need it we want it to keep the earth’s plunderers supplied with loot. To keep our feet under the TOP power table we need the BOMB……..”Energy too cheap to metre”…. was promised!                   We all got a dose!
PS. Some time ago I worked with a Sellafield manager Doug Wilson also local councillor etc.  NO relation. To prevent the demolition of Milloms Theatre by Copeland Borough Council! They do this a lot. Part of clearing the indigenous population!  (CB Council…. by Sellafield for Sellafield)
He had published a ‘vote’ document; Moorside… 20 000 extra jobs……through the conservative party! This for China’s strangle hold for Moorside and New Nuke Power!
So what will all these guys do? Replace the indigenous morality with immorality? Nuclear has bought West Cumbria and produced the epicentre for hell on Earth. They have destroyed the livelihoods that brought community and life to this place.
We live on an island, much bigger than Christmas Island, but then again, the bombs are much bigger.
Neil Wilson

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