URGENT Please Support Kirkby Moor Windfarm


I have just written this on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland – please send your own letter of support for keeping Kirkby Moor Windfarm

There is also a Petition

Please do use the letter below for ideas….

To The Planning Inspectorate,

Via Email to: leanne.palmer@pins.gsi.gov.uk

Kirkby Moor Wind Farm Renewal, Appeal reference number: APP/M0933

Dear Planning Inspector,

I am writing on behalf of nuclear safety campaign group, Radiation Free Lakeland to state our full support for the renewal of the Kirkby Moor Wind Farm, near Ulverston.

We were very disappointed that the planning committee of our local District council of South Lakeland went against their own officer’s recommendation to approve the application.

Many of our supporters live and work in the Furness area and the Kirkby Moor wind farm is a beacon of hope for renewable energy. From the top of the Coniston Old Man and Dow, Kirkby Moor Wind Farm is barely visible, but Sellafield to the North and Heysham Nuclear Plant to the south stand out like sore toxic thumbs.

These two nuclear sites are being proposed for massive nuclear expansion with Moorside at Sellafield and new build at Heysham. It has been government policy to suppress onshore wind energy which is far cheaper than nuclear. It is proven that onshore wind drives down electricity costs for consumers.   In 2018 onshore wind and solar are the cheapest form of generating electricity. This is electricity driven by technology rather than by dangerous and radiotoxic and chemical fuels.  

Radiation Free Lakeland urge the Inspector to support the appeal and allow this established wind farm at Kirkby Moor to continue.


Yours sincerely


Marianne Birkby

On behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland


Renewables are about to become our cheapest form of energy



One thought on “URGENT Please Support Kirkby Moor Windfarm

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Public Inquiry …A Reminder that on Tues 22nd Jan, from about 9 am,
    Campaigners will be holding a banner outside the Coronation Hall, in support of the Kirkby Moor wind farm renewal, from about 10 am those intending to speak must register to do so (probably upstairs in the supper room). Only 2 mins allowed each speaker. For more info please do contact Ulverston Green Party who are campaigning vigorously on this …Here is Radiation Free Lakeland’s letter below

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