Last night while thousands of activists including from Cumbria descended on London for the Extinction Rebellion protests, a small protest by two dedicated anti-nuclear activists took place outside the Beacon in Whitehaven.

The protest in Cumbria was to mark the VIP Preview of a “Celebration” of the “Art of Reprocessing.”    Reprocessing is the chemical separation (using vast quantities of hot nitric acid)  of uranium and plutonium from irradiated (“spent”)  reactor fuel.  Reprocessing is the most dangerous and dirty phase of the nuclear fuel chain. It generates huge waste streams with no management solution and isolates plutonium, the fissile component of a nuclear weapon while releasing what is left of the uranium, supposedly for reuse but the industry much prefers freshly mined uranium.    The spin is that this is “recycling” nuclear fuel.   It is PR drivel. The Spent Fuel Ponds at Sellafield are a result of “Reprocessing” the world’s nuclear wastes – much of  the reprocessing waste is discharged through a pipeline to the Irish Sea where it sits on the sea bed till resuspended and brought back on the tide.

We did a chalk drawing and handed our leaflets to folk going into the VIP Preview – Jamie Reed former MP of Copeland and now Sellafield PR man told us: “no thanks, it’ll only go in the bin”  That is rich given that we are force fed Sellafield’s PR drivel on an almost daily basis in Cumbria splashed all over the local press.

One of the artist’s going into the VIP Preview told me that Sellafield paid the artists in the region of £1000 each to “Celebrate” Thorp.    They got our Nuclear Scream chalk drawing outside their front door for free, and we got no expenses refund for travel costs.

We note with growing horror that the much publicised Extinction Rebellion has powerful and persuasive proponents who are agitating for the burning of Thorp’s plutonium “legacy” in so called fourth generation nuclear reactors.  One of these proponents is George Monbiot who argues that the “radical action” needed to combat climate change is nuclear.  This is extinction level propaganda.  A whole generation of folk who are on the bridges in London as part of Extinction Rebellion have grown up without seeing ANY NGO action against nuclear.  The biggest NGOs Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth no longer have nuclear as a “priority” campaign and when it is mentioned it is in the most tepid of terms as an “expensive white elephant”.   NO it is a many headed hydra whose breath kills all life forms into eternity.   Those promoting new nuclear reactors should be charged with premeditated murder.  Instead they are revered as celebrities, such is the power of the media and clever soundbites which hide the truth by omission or direct lie.

Just as an experiment – have a look at Extinction Rebellion’s website – try searching for “nuclear’   or “nuclear power”   This may be a genuine omission but scary given that the obscenity of Hinkley C is well underway (WHY WHY WHY !!!)    and there are calls for more reactors to burn plutonium.  It was after all the nuclear industry that helped blow a hole in the ozone layer and more besides.   Extinction may be coming from an entirely different angle.  Since the nuclear age, childhood cancer and other radiation linked diseases now affects so many young folk.  The industry runs a Compensation Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases – but those outside the gates are on their own…. the other night… almost literally.









6 thoughts on ““NUKILLER IS KILLING US AND POISONING THE LAND,AIR & SEA” Extinction Rebellion ?

  1. Dr Rowland Dye

    Well done on your protest and for a powerful report, agree that George Mombiot has never retracted his ill-considered pro-nuclear support post Fukishima and totally agree people need to be reminded of that, finally am alarmed by what you say about Extinction Rebellion not mentioning nuclear and am well placed to get that ommission up for proper debate. Thanks a million for all your doing…..Dr Rowland Dye (former nuclear scientist and now staunch anti-nuclear campaigner)

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  3. I’m so glad to hear you are helping the public understand the catastrophic effects of the nuclear industry that will persist to plague the world for millenia.
    Extinction Rebellion is not pro nuclear, hundreds are of discussions are happening now on the way forward in the face of extinction some more outre than others. None represent an overall policy of the organisation just as there is no leader or figurehead.
    XR members are willing to go to jail in an effort to create a clean and healthy world for everyone, nuclear energy is not clean and it is not healthy, anyone proposing its use is simply trying to find ways to continue their unsustainable lifestyle and is in a state of denial. It one of the stages of grief, the grief we must all work through when faced with the extinction of most life on this planet.

    Keep up up the good work. Let’s get rid of all planet killing industries and leave a clean world for our children.


    1. Many thanks Martin for all you are doing. I really do feel so strongly that XR need to spell out their vehement opposition to nuclear or the government will take XR calls for “radical action” as a blank cheque for new nuclear build. With Hinkley C now ploughing ahead with no calls for it to be halted by XR and George Monbiot’s only criticism that it should house plutonium burning reactors (!!) we are on a dangerous road to nuclear catastrophe. XR are unwittingly contributing to this. Please Please spell out XR’s vehement opposition to new nuclear to our nuclear obsessed government and distance yourself from George Monbiot. He delivers entrancing rhetoric about wildlife and fresh water that is breathtakingly cynical and nasty given his promotion of new nuclear (and denigration of renewables).

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