Fracking: Nuclear Fools

It has taken some doing but at last a national media outlet has exposed the close proximity of fracking operations on the Fylde to the UKs nuclear fuel site, ‘Springfields’.

Good on Private Eye for breaking the silence.

Check out page 37 of Private Eye 16th Nov …

here is a small extract of the excellent article from ‘Old Sparky’

“What were the shale licensing authorities thinking? And why are none of the many large anti-fracking organisations, from political parties to the big environmental lobbies and NGO’s piping up about this?  Do they think crossing swords with the nuclear military- industrial complex would be muddying the waters?  Perhaps fracking might have exactly that effect at Clifton Marsh”

Fracking-Nuclear Fool 16 Nov 18 Private Eye.jpg


Clifton Marsh Radioactive Dump for Springfields Nuclear Fuels and Capenhurst Uranium Enrichment.jpg

"its behind you"SPRINGFIELDS AND FRACKINGUranium Hexaflouride - Springfields

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