Celebrating Nuclear Disaster #ThanksThorp

There is a cringeworthy celebration fest going on in Cumbria.

While most industries celebrate their successes, the nuclear industry loves nothing better than celebrating catastrophic financial failure and the disastrous burden of long term toxic pollution.

“The Art of Reprocessing” is a most pukeworthy “celebration”.  The nuclear industry and its partner in crime,  our government, is celebrating its ongoing act of violence against the planet.  The Thorp reprocessing plant has resulted in ponds of high level radioactive wastes, and by reprocessing spent fuel has increased the volumes by 200 times.

Radiation Free Lakeland have not (surprise surprise) been invited to the VIP Preview of this “celebration” at the Beacon in Whitehaven this Friday.

But we will be there at 4pm outside the Beacon 16th November

We will hand out leaflets telling the truth about the “Art of Reprocessing” and we will produce our own artwork.

Please do come along to our peaceful demonstration and bear witness against this the most aggressive and destructive industry on the planet.

The Art of Reprocessing (web).jpg

web pg 2.jpg






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