THANKS TO ALL YOU LOVELY FOLK who have campaigned tirelessly to raise the alarm about the diabolic plan for 3 reactors on greenfields near to Sellafield.

The Guardian and other press have reported today that: ““Toshiba recognises that the economically rational decision is to withdraw from the UK nuclear power plant construction project, and has resolved to take steps to wind-up NuGen,” the firm said in a statement.

While the press has not mentioned our vehement local campaign against the Moorside plan Radiation Free Lakeland would like to thank all who have already raised a banner, written, emailed, and more to protest against a new nuclear nightmare in Cumbria.

Not least the brilliant Arnie Gundersen a former US nuclear regulator turned whistleblower  who accepted our invitation to speak about the Moorside plan way back in 2014.  Incredibly Arnie and another equally qualifed expert Dr Ian Fairlie were considered too controversial and banned from speaking at a local hall in Keswick, the venue was changed to the Skiddaw Hotel.  Now Toshiba agree with the experts!


‘NuGen’ is saying it is pulling out of Cumbria and the inference is that is with immediate effect as Toshiba looks to divest completely from nuclear activity.   That is brilliant!   BUT  Toshiba should be made to clear up its mess.   What about the 300 boreholes they have already drilled on this greenfield site? Are they going to fill in the boreholes, cap them and repair the damage already done?  Or is the taxpayer going to pick up the tab?   There are enormous plastic holding tanks to contain the waste from the 300 boreholes which were drilled under “permitted development” with the borehole sludge waste going into Lillyhall and the borehole water to the river Ehen (remember the deep ground near Sellafield is inevitably contaminated with americium, plutonium ,caesium and other radionuclides).

So Radiation Free Lakeland are raising a glass to Toshiba seeing the light and looking to divest from nuclear.  But we will hold them to repairing the damage already done.

We are keeping a weather eye on events in China with West Cumbrian MPs in China right now in talks “to potential Moorside investors”

It is so incredibly frightening that our county leaders are vowing to do all they can to bring dangerous nuclear new-build to Cumbria.

Who are they representing?

Us or the civil/military nuclear industry?

Lets raise a glass to raising banners against this dangerous industry whose lasting legacy  is blighted land, cancer factories, nuclear weapons and nuclear waste.

Here is a small selection of what we did to raise awareness of the diabolic plan and to persuade those pesky investors that they should Divest from Nuclear and Invest in Renewables!Stop Moorside Kendal.jpg

Stop Moorside Whitehaven.jpgStop Moorside Boy.jpg#StopMoorside Giant Postcard.jpg

#StopMoorside & World Anti Nuclear Day#StopMoorside in Kendal today -  Europe's biggest nuclear development - Join the Resistance!#StopMoorside - today in Kendal






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