“Its Behind You” Happy Halloween

"its behind you".jpg
I dreamt this cartoon the other night – and it has played on my mind since so here it is.  Not anywhere near as good as in the dream!
Its a thing with science fiction and halloween stories that the scarier and the more utterly unbelievable the monster is the less likely it is to achieve a lasting impact of fear.  There is nothing more unbelievable than the nuclear nightmare, and so it gets away with murder and annhilation of land, water and even our DNA.  Way too scary to be relevant in this age of populism?
I don’t know – its just a passing nightmare drawn with a felt tip.

3 thoughts on ““Its Behind You” Happy Halloween

  1. WesWood

    Plutonium is a crime against humanity; its very existence is the proof of the crime, it Is the crime, its possession is criminal, its storage is criminal but local health departments have the authority to ban it

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