The Lake District’s Freshwater is “Safeguarding National Security” Shh!

Many thanks indeed to  New Horizons in St Annes for hosting the talk and for this video.

Here are a few slides from the talk which outline the enormous freshwater usage of the nuclear industry.   This issue has been off limits for way too long.

There are four boreholes on the Springfields site with a capacity of 3 million gallons of freshwater a day – this Permit from 2016 shows a discharge of 2400 cubic metres of water a day.  The graph shows the non nuclear material in the discharge to the River Ribble  –  note: there is also radioactive material discharged to the Ribble. 


SELLAFIELD Notice from BNFL -to increase abstraction from the river Ehen (this does not include other massive abstractions from Wastwater etc)  – London Gazette 1987. 
River Ehen catchment
In the 90’s Sellafield used 97 Million litres of freshwater A DAY (25 Million gallons) – National Rivers Authority report 1993
Sellafield Water Demand Study 2014 – highly redacted report which reveals 863 cubic metres of freshwater per HOUR used by Sellafield.  The report has been redacted by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority to “safeguard national security.”
River Ehen seen here looping around the proposed diabolic Moorside nuclear reactors in this visual mock-up by developers.  The concrete run off  from massive concrete foundations and construction would cause the last reaches of the river Ehen to silt and choke (and that does not include the impacts of chemical and radioactive burden of the three proposed nuclear reactors.)  The NDA have told us the freshwater resource for Moorside “is a matter for the developer”.  The developer has been in talks with United Utilities.    

3 thoughts on “The Lake District’s Freshwater is “Safeguarding National Security” Shh!

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