Does anti-nuclear protest not count now as environmental protest?

Duncan .jpg
Duncan Ball – Sentenced to 2 years for protesting against Sellafield.
We stand in condemnation of the jail sentences handed out to the anti-fracking activists and believe they should be awarded medals instead of jail sentences.  It was widely reported that these were the first jail sentences to be handed out in decades for environmental protest.
Really?  Does protest against the nuclear industry’s dangerous practices not count now?
As recently as 2004 a whistleblower,  a former Sellafield worker was handed a  2 year jail sentence.  Is this the longest jail sentence handed to any environmental protester in the UK, EVER?
Duncan’s sacrifice has been airbrushed from history even though a letter was sent to the Guardian pointing out the nuclear amnesia.
Dear Letters,
Anti-fracking activists should get medals, not jail.
“Men who stopped lorries to become first campaigners to be jailed for a protest in UK since 1932” (Four anti-fracking activists face prison over protest 25th Sept).   There is a worrying airbrushing of history here.  Does anti-nuclear protest now not count as an environmental campaign?   Duncan Ball served one year of a two years jail sentence for protesting against Sellafield in 2004.  Duncan, a former Sellafield foreman died aged just 49 of a radiation linked disease. His sacrifice is airbrushed out at all our peril especially here on the Fylde where the UKs only nuclear fuel manufacturing plant is hidden in plain sight, slap bang in the middle of Cuadrillas fracking operations
Yours sincerely
Marianne Birkby
Radiation Free Lakeland
Duncan was one of our founding members and played an active part in Radiation Free Lakeland before dying of a radiation linked disease caused by Sellafield aged just 49 years old.
He was a talented poet, his poems are far more relevant to the Lakes today than the romantic poets of old Lakeland such as Wordsworth.
In remembrance of Duncan and to mark ten years of Radiation Free Lakeland’s active campaigning against the ongoing nuclear juggernaught we have produced a little booklet featuring Duncan’s poem, ‘Fission Chips’.   We shall send a copy to the brave anti- fracking protesters in jail with our heartfelt thanks.  If folk would like a copy (£5 + p&p) please contact RaFL
The book can be viewed here for free!

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