Magnox Fuel Made in Preston – “Cleaned Up” by the Firth of Clyde.


This Photograph of Hunterston A is by amazing photographer David Autumns who tells us that from this point if you turn left through 90 degrees over the Sea you overlook the Isle of Arran, the largest island in the Firth of Clyde

Hunterston A is located on a promontory of the Ayrshire coast 30 miles south west of Glasgow. The twin reactor site was Scotland’s first civil nuclear generating station and, at the time of opening in 1969 was the largest in operation anywhere in the world. It ceased operations in 1989.

So what about all that nuclear waste from those Magnox fuel rods made at the Springfields Nuclear Fuel plant Near Preston?

90px-Magnoxfulerodsciencemuseam.jpg    Old Magnox fuel rod – the gift that keeps on giving.

“A project to drain around a million gallons of water and remove over 10 tonnes of redundant equipment from the largest used fuel storage pond in the Magnox fleet has been completed.”

Where do you think that million gallons of water

and all that jetwashing water ended up ? 

Hunterston.jpgThe Firth of Clyde and beyond.


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