Letter to Tim Farron MP on Dr Chris Busby’s Arrest

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Dear Tim,
I am writing to you about the shocking and inhumane treatment of Dr Chris Busby.  The following are extracts from a letter to Bideford police from his friend Dr Thomas Daffern

I read in the Daily Mail that a good friend of mine, Dr Chris Busby has been arrested. The circumstances seem very suspicious to me.

On what charges exactly has he been arrested and where is he being held

.A 73-year-old local man has been detained under the explosives act and awaits questioning”.

Which exact aspect of the Explosives Act is he supposed to have broken  The property is that of his wife Molly Cato, the green MEP, I believe.  Was she involved in calling in the police? Perhaps they had a domestic argument which got out of hand? any explanations will be most helpful. But most of all, put me through to Chris himself please.

I shall be contacting the MP for Bideford on this matter. i also hope he is being offered independent and neutral counselling for shock and trauma after this arrest – he is a sensitive man and might become very despairing. He loves his country and he loves the truth in equal measure, as do I.

I look forward to hearing from you urgently,

Yours truly,

Dr Thomas Daffern

We at Radiation Free Lakeland echo the sentiment and the questions asked in this letter.
Dr Chris Busby was released without charge after 19 hours (!!!) and we now know the police were called to an event that had nothing whatsoever to do with Dr Chris Busby. Dr Busby arrived at the house while the police were there declaring a “major incident” as a result of looking at his “Sellafield Radioactive Mud” ( the police, industry and regulators don’t give a stuff that children are playing in it on our Cumbrian beaches).
Why was Dr Chris Busby’s home entered and searched without a warrant?
Why was he arrested and detained for 19 hours ?
Was this illegal use of police powers?
We note that the government is looking to change the  law so that this kind of state abuse can be routinely carried out on folk who happen to challenge current government thinking.
This is not yet “legal” but government is pushing for this addition to the already draconian Counter Terrorism Act.
We hope that you do everything you can to find out about the illegal raid and arrest of Dr Chris Busby.  And we ask that you do everything in your power to stop these new powers described as 56a
“13 Power to enter and search home In the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008, after section 56 insert— “Entry and search of home address 56A Power to enter and search home address (1) If on an application made by a senior police officer of the relevant force a justice is satisfied that the requirements in subsection (2) are met, the justice may issue a warrant authorising a constable of that force— (a) to enter premises specified in the warrant for the purpose of assessing the risks posed by the person to whom the warrant relates; and (b) to search the premises for that purpose. (2) The requirements are— (a) that the person to whom the warrant relates— (i) is a person to whom the notification requirements apply, and (ii) is not a person to whom subsection (3) applies, (b) that the address of each set of premises specified in the application is an address falling within subsection (4), (c) that it is necessary for a constable to enter and search the premises for the purpose mentioned in subsection (1)(a), and (d) that on at least two occasions a constable has sought entry to the premises in order to search them for that purpose and has been unable to gain entry for that purpose. (3) This subsection applies to a person who is— (a) remanded in or committed to custody by order of a court, (b) serving a sentence of imprisonment or a term of service detention, (c) detained in a hospital, or (d) outside the United Kingdom. (4) An address falls within this subsection if— (a) it is the address which was last notified in accordance with the notification requirements by the person to whom the warrant relates, or (b) there are reasonable grounds to believe that the person to whom the warrant relates resides there or may regularly be found there.”
Many thanks
Marianne Birkby
on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

5 thoughts on “Letter to Tim Farron MP on Dr Chris Busby’s Arrest

  1. arclight2011part2

    Reblogged this on nuclear-news and commented:
    Why was Dr Chris Busby’s home entered and searched without a warrant?

    Why was he arrested and detained for 19 hours ?

    Was this illegal use of police powers?

  2. Neil Wilson

    Thanks for this Marianne, The first bit has gone a bit haywire? Will copy to all. Have already sent to Cumbria and Bideford police. No reply. will Get T Harrison on to it, that should help.

    How efficient are N Stations? Sea cooled……….3.2Gw Moorside ……….3.2/4 = 0.8Gw times all the rest Nstations in the world, times 25years use; a lot of heat to add to the oceans!

    All Best. Neil


  3. It’s over a month now since the incident. I can’t find anything in the mainstream media apart from the reports around 18 September. Is Dr Chris Busby alright and did you get a response from Tim Farron?

    1. Hi, yes Chris is OK from what I have heard. The response from Tim Farron is below .. use of the Explosives Act to arrest Chris was very nasty. Why are’nt the containers of uranium hex on our roads being stopped in that case, not to mention truckloads of nuclear warheads up and down the motorways!!??

      Dear Marianne

      Thank you very much for your recent email with regard to the arrest of Dr. Chris Busby

      I understand your concerns regarding the arrest of Dr. Chris Busby but I believe that the cause of his arrest and release are much less interesting than alleged illegal use of Counter Terrorism measures.

      Dr. Busby was arrested under the Explosives Act 1875, which is a long standing law that gives police the right to arrest when there is credible intelligence that there is imminent danger to the public. I am sure that you can understand with the recent nerve agent attacks in the UK, the police are keen to act as quickly as possible when toxins and chemicals are suspected to cause public harm.

      It is important that our police can act quickly when there is an immediate danger to public safety but simultaneously, the police should respect the right to privacy and property. A review of the event should be the next step.

      Thank you for raising your concerns with me.

      With best wishes

      Yours sincerely


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